The Needle Drop pioneered music reviews. His other channel was for the alt-rights

A great article from The Fader that should be read
Up until this afternoon, October 3, Fantano had another booming YouTube channel — practically unknown outside of his fanbase, but immensely popular within it — called thatistheplan. (It had nearly 400,000 subscribers compared to 1,100,000 on The Needle Drop.) He started the channel in 2007, initially posting earnest covers of songs by Man Man and the Mountain Goats. At first, it was little more than an offshoot of The Needle Drop, but increasingly, thatistheplan took on a bizarre life of its own — sometimes with a stark contrast in tone. Until today, Fantano updated it regularly, posting dense videos full of references to memes and other YouTube channels you probably haven't heard of. His vocabulary took on a screechy, 4Chan-friendly slant — video titles from the past year include ”pepe the frog triggers hillary clinton," ”I CHANGED MY GENDER CUZ DONALD TRUMP," and ”MEGA-CUCK SAYS POKEMON GO IS LIKE DOGFIGHTING." He raged against SJWs and feminists, and, in video after video, treated black musicians as a punchline.

Yes, like other prominent YouTubers, Anthony Fantano has become an edgelord.
I'm not a fan of his reviews at all really, but if I'm not mistaken, wasn't the other channel just a tongue in cheek piss take of internet culture and memes?

Edit: read the article (shock), maybe I was wrong.
Remember when he repped Kekistan, you know the fictional white supremacist nation with a flag that Nazis show up with at alt right rallies? The one created by his good buddy, Sargon of Akkad.

He's been part of those live chats with Sargon of Akkad and such. Usually as the voice of of... reason? To a degree. Compared to those guys. Doesn't like Paul Joseph Watson if his one Needle Drop upload is genuine. The Jordan Peterson of music reviews. The kook level has greatly risen in one year.
I was subbed to his other channel way before it took to meme reviews and other bs. Before it was just goofy videos with no political themes at all. But yeah his shift was super fast and apparent.
Great article. Really cuts through the dichotomy I've always had with him where he will put out a review that I think is quite thoughtful and decent analysis and then will parrot some GG bullshit in the next video. I stopped watching him because of that shit.

thatistheplan is completely ironic. A lot of his online persona is really, aside from the music reviews.
I'm sure his interviews with Sargon of Akkad and Sam Hyde were ironic too huh
After reading 3/5ths of the article I’m wondering what the main criticism for him was. They do question what he wants ‘deep-down’.
thatistheplan is completely ironic. A lot of his online persona is really, aside from the music reviews.

Yeah, I've watched his reviews for a long while and I have a hard time believing that his non-music review content isn't satirical.

In his latest Macklemore review, he accused Macklemore of gentrifying hip-hop and mocked him for being unaware that there's such a thing as sex-positive feminism in regard to a Macklemore line saying "I consider myself a feminist, but I still watch porn though". These just don't strike me as the kinds of things an alt-right pepe troll type would even be cognizant of to the extent that they could properly use the ideas in a review.

That said, I do think he was kind of in the "both sides are terrible" camp after Hillary beat Bernie, I seem to remember him making a comment sometime last year to the extent of thinking Hillary was a warmonger hawk. So I would disagree with his assessment of her, but I really don't get the vibe that he sincerely believes in those videos he posted to the other channels in all caps and with misspelled words, no less.
Shit I had no idea. I was just subbed to get new music recommendations. unsubscribed.

That easy alt-right money must be damn tempting for a lot of YouTubers. Must be why so many of them don't call each other out or their own audiences.
In September, PewDiePie, the most subscribed vlogger on YouTube, used the n-word during a videogame stream and set the YouTuber community on fire (although it wasn’t a huge surprise to anyone familiar with his recent work.) In response Fantano released a ten-minute video titled “Why I Don’t Use the N-Word” on The Needle Drop. It’s a calm, thoughtful video: “It’s a matter of respect, and it’s a matter of understanding,” he says. “It’s especially important to me because in my line of work I am regularly stepping into, interacting in, and engaging with predominantly black spaces. It’s just not really cool. I feel like as someone who is white, I don't feel like I can just step into the house of hip-hop and do whatever the fuck I want.”

As for Fantano’s sanctimonious rejection of the n-word — while it’s true that he doesn’t say it out loud, it still figures prominently on thatistheplan. Case in point: a few weeks ago, Fantano released a video called “DEEP FRIED MEME REVIEW.” I won’t try to explain the plot — something about summoning “black meme magic” by burning a copy of Death Grips’s album Exmilitary as an offering to Pepe the Frog — but the point is, several memes featuring the n-word appear throughout the clip. This doesn’t require much complex analysis. Fantano thinks the n-word is funny, so he put it in his comedy video. His fans certainly got the message: dozens of comments on this video, and on many of his other videos, use the slur.
yea this article seems like a hit piece.
Ehh. I don't think so; it even ended with the writer insinuating money was the primary factor towards the end and his politics might not align with the alt-right...just a cynical cash grab.

Either way having a bunch of alt-right figures on your channel while agreeing with much of what they say kinda kills the 'ironic' vibe of his more absurd videos, no?
I always took that channel as satire.

I've only watched a couple videos from it but some of them were really, really ridiculous. Like not serious in the slightest.

Maybe I'm wrong.
I was subbed to him a few years ago and followed his tumblr but all that gamergate shit really annoyed me so I stopped. I see its gotten way, way worse and now he just goes out of his way to appeal to sad racist fuckboys on 4chan instead of just silently acknowledging that's the majority of his fanbase like he used to.
never fucked with this dude and i blocked my friends who all told me to listen to death grips and swans. i dont fuck with him and i dont fuck with you if you fuck with him if you get what i mean