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The NEOGEO bundle is back for the next 72 hours!


The developers of Aero FIghters was Video System, which went bankrupt. I'm pretty sure SNK doesn't hold the right to those games, and nobody know which company does.
Hamster released Sonic Wings Special on PSN so presumably they picked up the rights.
Just got the whole bundle. I already have Metal Slug 3 on steam so quote this post for a key.


Garou still not Steam. :|

Pray that SNK funds someone to port that XBLA/PSN version to PC. You'll most likely get a free key for that if you have the DotEmu version.
Getting Steam keys for the newly added games -- Twinkle Star Sprites! -- is excellent. It was already an amazing bundle before, now it's probably more in the range of godlike.


How do the ones work that arent Steam keys?

Does every rom install as an individual app or is there a hub for them or something?


That throwing stick stunt of yours has boomeranged on us.
I had bought the ten dollar tier in december but I don't have any of the new steam keys.

Edit: Keys not showing up in my overall list of keys, but they're there when viewing the bundle alone.

Thanks Dr!
I had bought the ten dollar tier in december but I don't have any of the new steam keys.

They disappeared from the Keys tab for me. I found them under the giant list of purchases that I had. Check Baseball Stars 2 and you should have a Steam key there yet to redeem.

There are a few others as well.
Here's a code for THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UNLIMITED MATCH on Steam.

Quote to reveal, then post to let everyone know when you take it.


Are these just windows exe's for most of the games? It says playable in Chrome/Firefox??

You can play them from the Humble Bundle page but when I tried it was horribly slow. The games can be downloaded as .exes ; you can get the .zip rom and the neo geo bios from the installation folder.


Metal Slug 2, Baseball Stars 2, Shock Troopers and Twinkle Star Sprites.

I am unable to get the new steam keys.

Can anyone confirm the keys are really there?
Can anyone confirm the keys are really there?

I didn't use the library. Click on "Purchases" or "Purchase History" and find the link to where you bought the first NeoGeo bundle. The list of games should come up. Some of them will have unredeemed Steam keys.
Decided to pick this up for the nice feeling of having legal ROMs and also for the dope soundtracks. It really is just as easy for installing the exe for each game and then dropping the zip file in the folder into Final Burn Alpha. Cool to have a few of these on Steam as well!

I'm giving away a Steam code for Metal Slug 1, PM me and it's yours. :)
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