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The next Nintendo Direct ‘will focus on third-party games’, it’s been claimed.


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The Nintendo Direct expected to take place next week will reportedly focus on third-party games.

That’s according to experienced journalist Nacho Requena, editor of Spanish games magazine Manual, who told viewers during a Twitch stream on Friday that he’d been told to expect new announcements from major publishers.

“We should have a Nintendo Direct this coming Tuesday,” Requena said during the live stream, translated by VGC. “This will be mainly focused on third-party games – that’s what I’ve been told to expect.


Soooo a normal Direct then? There's always more third party games at these things than first party ones. I don't see this as any cause for concern.

For example, this was the February Direct:

First party

  • Fire Emblem Three Hopes announced
  • Advance Wars Reboot Camp trailer
  • Mario Strikers Battle League announced
  • Splatoon 3 trailer
  • Kirby & The Forgotten Land trailer
  • Live A Live announced
  • Metroid Dread update
  • Triangle Strategy trailer
  • Switch Sports announced
  • Earthbound on NSO
  • Mario Kart 8 DLC announced
  • Xenoblade 3 announced

Third party

  • No Mans Sky port announced
  • Front Mission 1 remake announced
  • Front Mission 2 remake announced
  • Disney Speedstorm announced
  • Star Wars Force Unleashed port announced
  • Ezio Collection port announced
  • SD Gundam Battle announced
  • Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers announced
  • KH trilogy announced
  • MLB The Show trailer
  • Klonoa Reverie announced
  • Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival announced
  • Portal collection announced
  • Cuphead DLC trailer
  • Lego Brawl trailer
  • Zombie Army 4 trailer
  • Two Point Campus trailer
  • GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon trailer
  • Demom Slayer trailer
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Understandable imo, but even with 3rd party being the main focus I’d still expect a few 1st party game sprinkled in there.


"Mainly focused", not solely.

Don't worry, BOTW 2 will show up, Nintendo knows people are hungry for that ass.
us looking for some botw2 info



lmao, so years old shit ports that no one cares about. Where are the first party stuff? Where is fucking botw2. Its been 5 years goddamnit
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Nice to see them focus on 3rd party stuff and indie games. Not everyone has a hard on for botw, in fact despite me owning a switch and a vast library of games for it I felt zero compulsion to pick that up. Same for anything fire emblem that series I find totally unappealing. Just wish Nintendo would have more faith in their lesser known titles the ones that are weird one offs than just concentrate on sequels for their A list franchises.


wouldn't mind a new Mario game , donkey kong, wario platformer, kid icarus I didn't play the 3ds version , nes/snes remix or switch remix .

I can't think of any other games on my wish list I only play Mario etc anything else is on ps5.
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OK, so we have:
- a broad, ambiguous statement ("mainly focused on")
- made by a journalist most of us have never heard of
- with a date (Tuesday) that contradicts rumors by other sources (Wednesday)
- that has been roughly translated into English
- by a publication that regularly uses vague rumors to farm clicks.

Yes, we should definitely take this at face value and draw the most extreme possible conclusions from it.


Now that Forever Entertainment is finished with the House of the Dead remake, they are ready to announce the Panzer Dragoon II Zwei remake. They said it would be next on their release schedule. Hopefully, they do that before they focus on the Square Enid remakes.

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Third party announcements were more interesting at this point anyway:

-FF Pixel Remasters
-Batman Arkham
-Mega Man Match
-Long shot but the rumored Banjo game could be multiplat
-Square apologies for the shitty KH cloud bullshit and announces some real ports.
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Velcro Fly

Give me the promised Dragon Quest Treasures information in June Square! And the DQ3 remake info if it is really supposed to come out in 2022.
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Jet Set Radio 3
The Conduit 3 (1&2 remaster as pre-order bonus)
New NIGHTS Into Dreams
Megaman 12
Resident Evil Revelations 3
Final Fight Collection
Final Fight 4

Get HYPE !
Try some 5-7 year old games with some of them being full price and using streaming
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