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The Order 1886: New screenshot found on SSM website!



All I could find was this one new screenshot, thought I'd create a new thread so that everyone gets to bask in its glory! :)


This is new, too.

And this one:

This seems new as well. In the previous shot he was shooting at the distillery. Now he is setting a barber on fire!

Here's the older one:

It looks like these shots have been seen before by GI magazine readers, but haven't been officially released online.


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I've got really high hopes for this. I hope it sets the next gen graphical benchmark.


Not sure if it is new- might have been in the Game Informer story.

Still, I love the way this game looks- that trailer and Uncharted 4 (well, Destiny as well) will sell me on a PS4 as soon as they are in stock in Germany^^


Not doing much for me in screenshot form, too much post-processing and shit. Let's hope it'll come together nicely when seen in motion.


Doesn't look as impressive as the earlier screens and in the first screen the soldier's shoulder area topology looks a little off. The texture around that area also looks a little stretched out.
Need to see gameplay before I have an opinion, interested to know how the destruction they keep talking about is implemented.


is it just me or is there some strange anisotrophic DOF aberration rim lighting thing going on...

maybe this is what they meant by Filmic.


After going to the SSM site there seems to be a lot of new screenshots, or at least ones I don't really recognize from the Game Informer reveal.


I know its really dumb of me but the black bars really ruin it for me.

I dunno, it makes it look more like you are playing a film to me which is what I think they are going for. I want to see it in motion first before we make final judgement. I think it's going to be a graphical showpiece, and hopefully has the game play to back it up.
What's with the black bars?


edit: Lest it wasn't clear, this was a jokey reference to The Black Bars Debate and not a serious post! My dry sense of humour doesn't come across on the internets.
I'll probably buy a ps4 for this game cause I really like the premise. It looks pretty bland graphics wise though so I'm kind of surprised at people praising the graphics. It looks on par with the last of us imo. Especially the textures seem awful.


If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.
This seems new as well. In the previous shot he was shooting at the distillery. Now he is setting a barber on fire!

Old, same as the OP screen. It's all from Game Informer or so but at least not new. Good job.


this game is gonna play so boringly. i thought we were past gears of war by now but i am clearly mistaken


I guess I should post this here as well :)

That was the response I got when asking for The Order 1886 to fill/exceed my Gears Of War void.
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