The peanut butter sandwich hack nobody asked for

You know how complicated making peanut butter sandwiches can get? Such a damn hassle. Plus, the bread always rips(?)!

Well guess what? This mama has the perfect #mamahack for you!

Rather than spending 30 seconds spreading the peanut butter on the bread with a knife, you simply take some "gluggies" of peanut butter, drop them on some parchment paper, roll it out, and place in the freezer overnight.

The next day, you cut the peanut butter into slices and wait for the sandwich to get to room temperature!
when she smears the PB across the parchment paper, it's perfectly smooth and soft - i don't see how she'd "tear the bread"

meanwhile, she'd waste parchment paper and have to clean her kitchen shears ...
I could see this making sense if you're making a ton of sandwiches in advance - where they're already going to be sitting out for awhile - but otherwise, it seems pretty pointless.
its great how you can look at Food network today and see nothing but MAGA clones in their hosts while their separate network, the Cooking Channel has actual diversity and real food
A lot of the food network stuff I've seen online is terrible. I just saw something where they made "nutella stuffed pancakes" which managed to make pancake batter incorrectly, added way too much sugar and would have ended up with undercooked pancakes to boot.

This video is just every bad "recipe youtube" trope in one: the ridiculously large fancy kitchen that's immaculate, the reliance on overly complicated "hacks" instead of proven, simple suggestions, it's way overproduced and cloying ... man it's bad.

Also, who the hell drizzles honey like that?

Edit: I also wouldn't be surprised if this spectacularly fails with natural peanut butter due to separation and inconsistent freezing.
Take knife and spread PB on my bread without ripping it cause Im not a fucking 5 year old, or spend an hour doing all the she just did. Easy choice.
I just kept thinking about how she would be in bed.. /shrugs lol

The PB thing though, I've never had issues with just doing it the good 'ol fashioned way. If you don't tear the bread, you're not doing it right anyways lol.
This is the equivalent of interrogating someone who is screaming that they will tell you everything while you keep bringing in complex torture devices to break his will so he will spill the beans.


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Need to whip up a sandwich in a hurry? Dump some peanut butter on the floor and eat the peanut butter off of the floor like a animal you piece of shit