The perfect game?

For the time, Resident Evil 4 lorded over all.
I have a short list of games that feel timeless to me and RE4 is damn near the top.

My yearly play throughs pics are, in no particular order:

Zelda Oot.
Zelda Majoras Mask.
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 6
Final Fantasy 4

Those are the top comfort games I'll go through regularly and I'll sprinkle I'm some retro classics for good measure.

I like to plug in the NES and SNES every winter 😊
Perfect doesn't exist imo, everything in some way could be improved. However close to perfect would be something like Tetris. I dont see a flaw in it.
The only game this generation to release in a complete state with no micro transactions, bullshit DLC, loot crates, cut content or a generic story.
No Perfect Game exists...

I wont ramble off on a tangent but it is physically impossible.

What I will say though is that the simpler the game the easier it is to hit that marker. So as someone already said, Tetris, is technically perfect. It does everything it is supposed to be perfectly. No future game will be perfect.

I adore the original Broken Sword, play it at least once a year. Is it perfect? Hell no... doesn't matter though.
The only game that has come close to being perfect for me is The Witcher 3. It's not my absolute favourite game (that would go to Planescape Torment, Life is Strange or maybe What Remains of Edith Finch), but it is up there and it is the one where I have the hardest time finding flaws.
Diablo 3 in loot (after 800 patches)
Mario 64 in 3d platforming
Sonic 1 2d platformer physics based
Super mario world 2d platforming.
Destiny 2 (gunplay)
Zelda botw (open world exploring)
Minecraft (3d building)
Terraria (2d building)
Need for speed underground 2 (best arcade racer)
Breath of fire 2 (best jrpg)
Mario kart ds (best kart racing game)
Gta 5 (best complex open world)
Super hot (best vr game)
Tetris (best puzzle game)
Super Mario Bros 3
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VII
Zelda: A Link to the Past

That’s about my favorite game line-up, I’m sure there are more and maybe I will update this. I also need to comment on why I feel each game is on the list.
Ninja Gaiden Black

Super refined gameplay systems, deep combat, loads of variety in the equipment and encounters, and more content than you can shake a stick at thanks to mission mode.

My game of all time. Not perfect though, because it doesn't do NG+ and allow you to build up your arsenal across replays.
I love and usually prefer SP-games but the perfect game? It almost has to be CS:GO with its "simplicity" and easy to learn hard to master approach its a timeless masterpiece.
Bloodborne. A masterpiece of gameplay, design and story.
Yeah...sign me up as well. Not sure why I hadn't included it on my own accord.


Duke Nukem 3D

Still holds up as one of the most insanely fun, well designed, creative and tight FPS I've ever played for me. There's really nothing that bothers me in the slightest.