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The Phantom Pain, aka Metal Gear Solid V, Announced (360/PS3, "Moby Dick Studio")

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This is by far the best mind fuck in videogame history.

labeling it as a completely new studio and shit.

Wow just wow Kojima.

maybe if we havent figured it out in like 5 seconds

it was lame. They could have hinted at it way less and create an ARG of some sorts. Missed opportunity.
So we have:

- Continued play on "phantom", where "Two Phantoms were born" stands as the tagline for Ground Zeroes' first concept material.
- Volgin lookalike wreathed in flames.
- Hallucinating petals straight from MGS3's climax.
- Floating figure with audible breaths muffled by mask, ala Psycho Mantis.
- Similar facial scars between in-game model and Snake concept art for Ground Zeroes.
- That fucking mullet.
- Joakim Mogren, where Joakim is an anagram for Kojima.

Also mOGREn (Project Ogre)
Why is Snake so thin in this? Even if we're saying it's all a hallucination, he's still unnaturally thin. He's supposed to be fairly muscular

Maybe its post MGS4 solid snake even though Kojima said his story was finished?

Sky Chief

People were saying that the scientist was voice by Keifer Sutherland. Was this confirmed ?

No, Sutherland sounding guy was the other patient, doctor had an Eastern European accent

Also, regarding the british flag, in the car crash the steering wheel is on the right
is it a next gen game? why are they announcing it now to have the game come out in 2014~15 when current gen is most definitely over?
graphics look alright, the models are good, but not really next gen...


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WOW! Great discovery sire.

This could be either a second parallel game or Ground Zeroes itself just renamed for premiering a new trailer.

My guess is not "Ground Zeroes"nor "The Phantom Pain" is the real subtitle for the next metal gear game.

Remember Kojima said GZ is the prologue to MGS5.

I bet this fucking game is MGS5 and the final subtitle hasn't been released yet.

Ran rp

I feel kinda insulted for being treated as someone who would find this PUZZLING, who the hell wouldnt realize this is metal gear on like a first watch

god dammit Kojima, do something else

Pretty much everyone, lmao. I was expecting a giant KojiPro logo at the end of the trailer.
big boss had two hands.. what is this?
Nano Machines.

I think it could be some failed clone of Big Boss, who's escaping the lab and is an exact replica or something.
wait wait, what if all of those hospital patients are genome soldiers ? Maybe Big Boss was kept captive by Zero somewhere, where they took his genes and tried to implant them into other humans. Then things turn to shit and Zero tries to cover up the mess by killing every patient involved.
Also mOGREn (Project Ogre)

It's more likely that Mogren refers to a football team in Montenegro (the country where Rising starts).

Also, Geoff said there would be a retro game reveal at the VGA's, and that ended up being Castlevania. He's likes to bend the truth.

This is a Big Boss game; they aren't going to make two Big Boss games. Therefore, it's Ground Zeroes.
BTW, heres some back story on Big Boss that might play into this game.

metalgear.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Boss said:
Besides the account given in the manual for Metal Gear 2, a call to George Kesler during the final battle mentioned a rumor that Big Boss lost his eye during the battle in Outer Heaven, alongside his limbs and his right ear before he was reconstructed as a cyborg under the Snatcher Project, referring to an earlier work by Hideo Kojima. In addition, although Kesler implied that Big Boss's supposed cyborg status made him invincible to Snake's abilities and attacks, Snake managed to finish him off with a flamethrower. This account was also included in the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database, and the novelization for Metal Gear Solid 4 by Project Itoh.


okay im going to sleep, great job guys. keep at it. :)

we are in for a treat with this one if it ends up to be a second game next to ground zeroes.


edit: oh no wait, what if he was kidnapped by Zero for the Les Enfants Terribles project !?

gaaaahhhh, so hype !


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Maybe it's a Vita game :3
Cool I just can't resist posting in this thread because I can see this being one of the archived classic Gaf threads we all look back on many years from now. I can use this as proof for my grand kids that I did indeed get trolled by the great Kojima and it wasn't just another case of grandpa's dementia telling another crazy story.


Ha, the guy helping Snake has his butt on show through his gown.

Another thing I noticed that's probably nothing, but when an explosion goes off and it all goes slo mo and the little splinters of wood fly around, one looks and moves exactly like Snakes Cigar does at the start of MGS3.


Liquid is the only one that rings a bell.

That'd explain the missing arm. (grafted to ocelot) And the "you have been out for a long time" line

It's liquid, the rapid ageing that happened to snake must also happen to liquid.

2 phantoms.
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