The Phantom Pain, aka Metal Gear Solid V, Announced (360/PS3, "Moby Dick Studio")

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Hmm. Didn't Kojima meet with J. J. Abrams earlier today? The trailer had a very super natural feel to it and asked a lot of questions. The trailer reminded me a lot of Kojima Productions stuff and the super natural style is very much like something J. J. Abrams would create. Maybe I'm clutching to straws here... but, there could be more to this than the trailer makes out.
Maybe he asked for lens flare tips


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I found the phone number to the guy that owns the domain. I don't know if I should post it.
It's also worth pointing out that Platinum recently said that there was an early design document for Volgin in KojiPro's Rising. So it seems that Kojima has had plans to resurrect him for some time.
“I’m often misinterpreted,” Kojima said in the "EGM" Interview, going on to express the wish that he wants to “work on original properties, but 'Metal Gear' offers plenty of benefits.” By creating the Fox Engine, which will be used in the next MGS installment “Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes” (and no, that's not a typo), Kojima stated that he and the developers “were only able to develop it because it was intended for the next `Metal Gear'”, and that “we’re introducing concepts intended for entirely new intellectual properties using the brand."
so are all these characters just easter eggs in a trailer or will it extend to the real Phantom Pain game?
This is the weirdest marketing/hype strategy I've seen in a while. And I'd expect no less coming from Kojima. I've got to assume this is Ground Zeroes, but I guess it could be a different game in the post-MGS3 era...
Recently Kojima Productions/Platinum revealed that Volgin was in the original version of Metal Gear Rising.

So yeah, the chance of these idiots actually reviving Volgin is high. Sigh.
I think this might be a new IP with Kojima just using some old concepts. It doesn't make a lick of sense chronologically.
Why not? Big Boss has seen some shit, he's having fever dreams after waking up from the coma which explain the flying whale and Volgin and whatever.

If any, for a MGS game it all makes perfect sense.
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