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The PlayStation 5 is the only product drawing crowds on Black Friday 2020, and it's not even discounted


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Still not buying this shit... hope everyone else has a good time with their backlog though.

Edit - For seething Fanboys getting salty at not wanting something:
- This fat fuck console is ugly as sin, I'd rather wait for the revision as it is giving people hardware issues... instead I bought my LG CX and am waiting for the 3080Ti price reveal.
- I will not pay $60 for a DLC of Spiderman
- I have an extensive backlog of PS Exclusives
- I do not buy games at launch when they will be discounted significantly later since I have patience
- Imagine shaming someone for not buying this shit, people really have become stupid

Perfectly fine to disagree. But why the hype?

- PS5 has a cross-gen Spider-Man.
- Demon's Souls is a Remake.
- Everything else is 3rd Party or Backlog

What else?

Seems like herd mentality at this point.

Not liking PS5 is fine, but this is bordering into “you must be crazy/sheeple for liking it, allow me to wake you up” as if there were something to do about it (the other console? Not as much... *tumbleweeds*). It reads more like hand waving this away in a dismissive manner.

As much as cross generation games do held things back, MM and Spider-man remastered look a lot better on the PS5 and if you have yet to play either or both there are enough advantages (quality or framerate wise) plus Dual Sense integration that tip the scales for the PS5 version.

You can keep shouting “Demon’s Souls is a remake, wake up it is just a remake”... but I am not sure you are doing it justice at all. This is not a quick port, many have yet to play the original and the game has been remade from the ground up: we are going from an unstable sub 30 FPS experience to a pretty much locked 60 FPS experience at a much higher fidelity and resolution on a game where reaction time matters. Dying a lot and restarting is also a lot easier on players from a QoL point of view thanks to much improved loading times and both graphics and sound have received a lot of work and it shows (all the reviewers picked up on both)... and again quite well realised Dual Sense integration.

Same can be said for the performance and quality of other titles like Sackboy: A Big Adventure (quite a step up in the PS5 version), ... let alone true PS5 exclusives upcoming little gems like Ratchet & Clank that are coming shortly on a known in advance in-demand console sold. Backlog titles :)rolleyes:) and 3rd parties (that perform much better on PS5 than PS4 and do even have pros against the XSX version)... yeah so? Is it so strange that a very popular console like PS4 well supported with great games throughout its lifetime has generated a lot of interest for what looks like a very well designed successor?

PS4 titles vs PS5 ones brings integration of Dual Sense’s haptics, fast loading times, better PS4 titles BC performance on PS5 (patched and unpatched alike; especially so if you never updated to a pro version), and UHD Blu-Ray playback finally. All of this also helps tip the scales for the latter.


Mckmaster uses MasterCard to buy Slave drives
...and yet when I read about this on some german electronics blog, they needed to point out that consoles "are on their way out" and Stadia and Luna are taking over..


I never understand why people want to believe that Stadia and Luna is more in demand than these consoles.


Seems like herd mentality at this point.

For better or worse, videogaming has become one of the top five biggest entertainment markets of the 21st century, and PlayStation is one of the most well-known and respected brands. A new PlayStation is an event in itself. There's hype because it's new.

When it's not new anymore, you will see a more realistic picture of where PS5 is at.
I knew from the start that it would be sold out and hard to get, but I didn't know it would be to this extent. The PS4 was tough to get, but not damn near impossible like this. I don't think any console has been so hard to get.

There was basically zero supply for Black Friday. Target and Amazon each had nothing. Not a single console for Black Friday, or even the week of. Best Buy had basically zero, aside from a few minutes a week ago. Walmart had a stupidly limited amount and Meijer/Fred Meyer each had a couple thousand...and that was literally it.

And speaking of it being the only thing to draw a crowd...that's because most other deals were complete garbage. I usually buy a bunch of movies, but the lowest most of the decent 4K movies dropped to was $15. That's a terrible deal. Just as an example I was looking for Avengers Endgame. That movie dropped to NINE dollars last year! And this year the lowest anywhere was 15. That's crazy.

And it was like that pretty much across the board for every product. There were no insane deals. Just "deals". Black Friday was a complete bust this year.
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Why would people but an XSX? I'm not saying there won't be anyone interested, of course it will, but Microsoft has made sure to allow gamers tomplay their games on everything except for a PS5 or Switch.

It's completely normal for the numbers to be lower and they will continue to be.
It's a hyped new console and got some good launch titles. Anyway, it is the only time in years when millions of gaming nerds would go out and do shopping.
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