The Pokémon Company announces Pokédex for iOS


Official Site Here

Release Date: Nov. 16, 2012 (Japan)
Compatible with iPhone 3GS and up, iPad 2 and up, iPad mini, iPod Touch 5th gen and up. Retina enabled.

Price: 170¥ including tax *Unova Pokémon only (493-649)

-Kanto Dex (1-151): 500¥
-Johto Dex (152-251): 500¥
-Hoenn Dex (252-386): 500¥
-Sinnoh Dex (387-492): 500¥

The app seems to be a port of Pokédex 3D (with the pre-Unova Pokémon models from 3D Pro), so expect the same functionality, except now on your tablet/phone.
lol they somehow made the whole thing more expensive than the 3DS version.

How is that even possible?

EDIT - This seems to be consistent with what I presume is Nintendo's strategy of using smartphones/tablets for auxiliary purposes. Also missed opportunity on the title, I agree.
An official Pokemon-branded application on a non-Nintendo system? Wow. But this will be good for Nintendo's bottom line... Maybe even entice more people to pick up Nintendo systems to play the real deal.

Also, I love Pokedex 3D Pro. Fifteen goddamn American dollars, but worth every penny if you're like me and love admiring the creature designs.
Yeah... aside from screenshots, this is old news. It was announced awhile ago that the pokemon company was going to make some iphone apps. As far as Nintendo having any say in the matter? Of course they do. You aren't going to be seeing any pokemon GAMES on the iphone... but little "toy" apps like this won't be an issue.


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
Pokèmon Company is not Nintendo. And they released another app around BW's Japanese order to promote it. Nothing strange / shocking.
Next will be NSMB U., when that fails to move units and flops, Nintendo will release an iPad port instead. I know because I come from the future.
The Pokemon Company releases iOS apps. This is not new. And yes in fact Nintendo themselves are planning on releasing phone apps for eShop and Miiverse. They aren't making/porting games though.