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The press reaction to USA's China travel ban...back in January


Apr 14, 2019
Oh cool, stop slamming that Report button and please explain my schtick to me :messenger_tears_of_joy:

Remember not to assume my political leanings, sport.


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Apr 18, 2018
Oh cool, stop slamming that Report button and please explain my schtick to me :messenger_tears_of_joy:

Remember not to assume my political leanings, sport.
Borrowed Intelligence on full display. The constant intermixing of put-downs and snide nicknames is very... Trump-like! And it's also a blaring klaxon that you're not here to have a conversation.

Did you get the attention you wanted?


... and he cannot lie
Feb 21, 2018
The same WHO that was basically saying, "nothing to worry about" before it started shouting about warning signs. Still not sure if they were just trying to play damage control for China or not, but they fucked up in their initial coverage of this thing and that really informed the delay in governments around the world.

It really wasn't until they officially called it a pandemic that most places started to take things seriously.
Clearly the WHO was covering for CCP. For gods sake they still ban Taiwan from the WHO and are screwing them (or actually helping them) from getting info about the virus. WHO bends the knee for CCP, Taiwan should be proof enough.

WHO's wording was to call it a global health crisis. Then it exploded in EU and EU became the epicenter, and the WHO was giddy to start calling it a pandemic.

CCP being commies know propaganda and language. They can now easily say that because the according to the WHO the epicenter is in EU and especially Italy, the west started this pandemic. And now since all chinese cases are from foreigners, guess that means that Europe is exporting the virus to China.

See the CCP is actually the victim of a global pandemic caused by Europe, with the epicenter being Italy. And CCP can point to the WHO. I mean the WHO even said there was no human to human transmission on Jan 14th! Then all of a sudden in Feb there was a pandemic in Italy. Foreign virus confirmed by WHO.


... and he cannot lie
Feb 21, 2018
Maybe the press shouldnt have wasted all that time in stupid phone calls to the Ukraine.

Kinda hard to counter a virus when your opponents are wasting your time with dumbass impeachment hoaxs.
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Oct 27, 2017
Moore Park Beach
Our relationship with China was strained, markets were rattled and the virus wasn’t contained just as the experts predicted. What’s your point...
And yet, unlike other countries. The early shutdown of flights from china meant that the US got a great delay in infection rates because they did not get infected from china. Rather the much later infections came from europe. :-(

TDS much?

EDIT: imagine being so partisan and deep into TDS that you start rewriting history that just happened a couple of weeks ago to fit your narrative and still think that people will not "hey, that does not make sense, you retarded or something"?
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Jan 7, 2007
I know I saw a clip of a CBS doctor in February telling people to go outside and just take normal precautions. Anybody have a link to that
Don't have that one, but this little bit sure aged well:

Apparently she even continued to encourage people to go about their daily lives as normal on March 3rd.

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Jan 19, 2007
But Ree told me Trump wasnt totally unprepared and even called it all a hoax. Hrmmm

Nah but seriously the misinformation and back and forth bullshit is getting old from all parties right now.