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The Random Political News & Comments Thread


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Dec 3, 2013

Asking carnies like Vince and Dana how to restart the economy. I'm sure they'll have great advice.
Past 30 years of presidents would have asked just the banks and insurance companies to fleece Americans. They only picked out those groups for a narrative, he mentioned key figures (CEOs) in every single industry from commerce, infrastructure, to entertainment.
Dec 15, 2011

This is a long-form article and worth a read on its own merits.
However, there is some noteworthy political hand-waving going on embedded within it:
BBC said:
He sees no need for his family to apologise for the actions of his grandfather, who became an "apprentice" slave trader after his mother died when he was still a child.
"It wasn't done as a means of oppression. It was a means of livelihood and a demonstration of power and might. It was the way of life in the old Africa before the white man brought civilisation, so to speak," he added.

He describes as both unfortunate and good the call by protesters in the UK to pull down monuments of those who are regarded as racists or white supremacists.
"It is unfortunate because those monuments represent history - reminding people, educating people," he said.

But he believes that the British should have known better about the slave trade, while Africans who collaborated with them were merely ignorant.
something something is not an excuse ?
something something just following orders ?
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Jan 7, 2007
Saw this Japanese news segment titled "The Village that Gets the Election Results Right," in which they visited a Chinese factory that manufactures political flags and has to closely monitor the situation to predict demand. The owner basically said that he predicted Trump would win around three months before the 2016 election despite the polls because of incredible disparity in demand he saw for political flags between the two sides. He said that pro-Trump stuff was around 70% of their production through the end of April, but that demand for Biden stuff has picked up starting in May. However, he predicts that Trump will ultimately take home "the champion's belt" in 2020 again.

Was interesting to see this perspective, which I haven't seen covered by the western media before.


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Jan 7, 2007
They needed to go one level deeper on that one.

They're not thinking *why* some people might tune into Joe Rogan over other information sources and the joke just comes off as a bit smug and elitist, to be honest.
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Oct 24, 2017
And here I thought you had to cook potatoes before eating them. I guess gay people like challenging digestive norms.
Stone Cold Steve Austin used to eat raw potatoes before he made it big. It's not just the lesbians that are raw spud munchers.
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