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The rising flame of left wing activist politics...


Sep 17, 2020
Imo one of the most ugly things in recent times is the mainstream left's adoption of intersectional critical race theory. With Biden's apparent election win, I really don't know, and am honestly quite worried about, how far this stuff will now be pushed governmentally.

I know a lot of you already know about why stuff is an absolute horror show for a liberal society (liberal here meaning the individual is sacred) - so I won't bore with detailing it or anything.

I only want to say this: please don't tolerate it if your workplace asks you to undertake CRT training. Don't tolerate it if your friends or coworkers demand you pledge allegiance to BLM or else be scorned as a racist. Take the blow, let them smear you - suffer whatever risk you can reasonably afford to suffer.

Morale is an important, underrated quality. It boggles my mind that this modern political left won this election - when, in this year alone, it has demonized and lied about the values and heroes of its own country's history, excused revolutionary and race-mongered violence and devastation, and whipped up so much bile and accusatory rhetoric about the current President (almost entirely without evidence) that it regularly bordered on criminal.

That's not to mention that a well known social media giant saw fit to literally surpress your ability to share a news article from an established news source - and the mainstream media either excused or supported it.

These are worrying trends. Many on the left are keen on suppression, violence, and slander while enveloping it in a shallow sense of moral virtue. Anyone who knows anything about history knows that this sort of thing is a recipe for disaster if pushed to the extremes. It could be far worse than even the left's most asinine fantasies about Trump's so called "fascist America".

So again, to sum up, all I'm saying is do your part to push back against it. I mention the BLM stuff because it's a great example that may well continue to have massive relevance - and not just for culture war warriors, but increasingly the normies out just living their lives.

And that's a good idea. Live your life, don't assume the world will burn because the guy you don't like make it to the White House. But holy fuck, do NOT give the radical and insane rhetoric of left wing activists any more ground to move on.... It's an out and out cancer for us all.
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