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The sky is beautiful.

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It's the first time in a while that it has been warm in LA. It's been cold the past few weeks. So I was just hanging around my backyard enjoying the cool night breeze when I looked up and noticed the clear sky. Not a cloud to be seen. It looked great. The stars looked like they could be touched. Even saw a constellation, I think. There is also a full moon. And it was super quiet, my neighborhood was silent, so relaxing. In a big city that's rare.

Oh, the small things in life.


The night sky in the dominican republic is beautiful (so many black outs xD)

New york doesnt have a night sky :p


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Totally. It's important to recognize and appreciate everyday wonders like this. The world would be a lot different if we slowed down and appreciated life.

I mean just look at that shit. The sky never ceases to amaze me. All the different cloud formations and colours that change throughout the day blow my mind. My house is basically on top of a big mountain and we get some ridiculous sunsets, sometimes I'll sit down with mates and chat whilst sinking a few beers and just watch it.


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omg.kittens said:
Totally. It's important to recognize and appreciate everyday wonders like this. The world would be a lot different if we slowed down and appreciated life.
Exactly. Everyone is just too busy or angry to notice all the wonderful things in life.

dudeworld said:
why did you have to post an anime picture? why couldn't you have just posted a photo of the real night sky?
It's one of the first pics to come up on google image searching 'looking night sky'. I thought it was nice picture.


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Thinking you've seen the night's sky while anywhere near humanity is funny. I would say laughable, but I don't wanna be malicious.

Point is, if you ever get hundreds of miles from humanity, with no electricity, your jaw will drop.

Seeing shooting stars every few seconds, seeing shades of green and red painted across this infinite canvas, stars pulsating, each demanding your attention yet too numerous to even entertain the thought. A full moon so bright you can literally see in the dark as if it was lit by some gigantic spotlight.

And I won't even get started on a true massive meteor shower in said conditions.

God I miss that place. ;_;


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Skies are best when there are minimal amounts of clouds (or to use their scientific term: "sky demons").


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ant1532 said:
wow. op ruined by anime picture of a sky.
lol true

but i really do think that not enough people bother to look up. folks are missin out...


Vox-Pop said:
I thought it was nice picture.
I dunno, looks like he just buried a body and was taking a moment to let it sink in.

But I approve of finding joy in little things, my thing is the smell of rain, I love it.
Yeah I would imagine there isn't much of a night sky around LA.

I went to a star party a while back that was hosted on top of a mountain in a national forest in Pennsylvania. Now that was a night sky.

Photo from the party

Still, looking at the sky is a great way to spend an evening, not matter where you live.
You're not kidding. I often stare off into the sky and just get lost in thought, it's one of the few things that makes me feel at peace.

I managed to snap this picture the other week.


The sky really is beautiful.


Trent Strong said:
I've seen the sky a million times. It's not impressive anymore. I want to see a new, different, better sky.

Well its not going to happen if you just sit there, get out there and start polluting, or something.
Also awesome: looking at the sky from inside an airplane, especially when there are interesting, dramatic cloud formations and the sun is setting or rising.
I like the picture you chose. I like real photos of the night sky better but that's okay. I don't have to prove something on a message board by going "omg wtf anime." An image is what it is, and the one you chose is nice enough.

However, I just gotta say: you're in LA. Come to Iowa. Then you'll see some real stars.

Actually go to Maui. That night sky was breathtaking.


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Koodo said:

I bet you at least had proper winter gear on, and in a heated bus. Do that in shorts and a Tshirt and you will know how I felt at my old job when I had to go in their freeking cold Freezer which was kept at -23C.


damn if you think the sky is beautiful in L.A...

Best sky experience I ever saw was when I was road tripping to the Grand Canyon, and we stopped at one point on this long dusty road and there was nothing ANYWHERE but desert.

And the sky was the clearest I've fucking ever seen. So fucking clear you even got the milky way band in such brightness.

Man, if anything can make you feel you tiny it's that. It's like the sky swallows you up. If you are quiet enough and just lay on the floor, it's like you're floating away into the vast expanses of the universe.

When I was younger my astronomy teacher took us up to the top of Camelback, which isn't anything special but it was much darker than any other place around here. We were watching some meteor shower, I forgot which, and in between he was using his telescope to hone in on different planets and things of interest. It was bitterly cold but that feeling of awe never left me.


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I'm living in rural Texas right now and sometimes I'll go driving out in the night and get away from all the light pollution. On a clear night you can see our galaxy very clearly and it is the most awe-inducing thing I've ever experienced.
Every image but the OP's is awesome.

In December, some of the sunrises and sunsets here in Vancouver were quite gorgeous. Maybe something to do with the cold air.
Coming into a thread about how beautiful the sky is and seeing an anime picture in the OP is one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile.
agrajag said:
Anime, on the other hand, sucks.

So insightful! Nobody in the history of this forum has ever thought to make such a thoughtful, meaningful, completely-supported-by-real-life-evidence statement, let alone make it as eloquently as you just did! Bravo, sir. Bravo.



If you had posted this pic in the OP then it would have been a thread, opportunity wasted....well you can still edit it but yeah.
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