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The state of NeoGAF

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Have fun, NuGAF. These are the types of people you're catering to by banning political discussions.

Anyone who had any opinion besides far left was banned. Hilarious that all you libs tear down the guy who gave you all your safe space to circle jerk each other and mock anyone who was different.




Honestly, these account suicides are just childish nonsense. If you don't want to post here, then don't. Sign out, and don't come back.

A return to video games focus is a good move for everyone.
It's mostly the people that ruined this site with their non stop negativity and injection of politics into everything. GAF is better off without them

I agree. If you hate it here so much leave.
I'm sorry, Tyler, but this statement reeks of a lack of responsibility. It took you over 24 hours to make a statement on this situation, of which you have taken no responsibility for. Don't give us this "You have no obligation to respect me" speech when you have clearly shown a lack of respect for the members of this site, who are the lifeblood of this very forum. You may be the main administrator, but it's us who have contributed and brought this community forward that makes NeoGAF what it is.

Take this for example:

One last thing. The NeoGAF mod team is here for this community; all of you. You have no obligations to respect me or believe anything I say about my personal life one way or another, but if you're going to be here and participate on NeoGAF, respect the mod team by following the rules and behaving. The team is diminished at the moment and the folks who stuck around care very much about this community and its future. Be considerate of them. That's non-negotiable.

You're right. We have no obligations to respect you or believe anything you say. That's for you to earn from us. At least you've gotten that figured out. Even then, you refrain from formally apologizing to the community for what has happened here and how you have handled it under the guise of "increased stress." That coupled with your tone deaf statement and lack of responsibility does not bode well for the future of NeoGAF as a whole. It appears to me that you'd like to sweep this under the rug without actually taking a good look as to what exactly occurred over the course of these past two days.

NeoGAF was a fantastic forum for keeping up with news relative to the gaming industry, as well as news relating to events ranging from American politics to events across the Pacific. In the span of two days, you have ruined that. You had a forum that was still going strong in an era of Twitter and other microblogging. In the end, you have been your own undoing. However, I and my many friends of which I made on this very forum are what I will choose to remember.

Because I do not believe you in any way, shape or form, I would like to formally request that you permaban me from NeoGAF as soon as you are able to do so. I'd prefer not to be associated with this site as long as you are at the helm of it. I will no longer be visiting this forum and this will officially be the last post I make on here.

I can only hope you read through this and take my opinions into account. These sentiments are echoed by many in the community.

Thanks for all of the memories, NeoGAF. I've been a lurker since the spring of 2006. This site was a major part of my formative years, and I'll forever treasure the many threads and conversations I participated in on this forum. The sense of camaraderie was incredible, and it's definitely something I will miss.

And that's all I have to say. Peace.


Wow....its back...

I joined this community back in 2010. I was going through a really rough time personally, and this forum became my go-to place, mainly MLB-GAF. This forum brought me back from the brink, I felt I owed this place a lot.

Then I noticed a change in 2014 or so. It became one giant echo chamber. Its apparent that the person in charge lost vision of what this place was supposed to be about. Look, its not my place to be the morale police, in fact, that is what caused this place to become what it was. All I want is a forum to talk about games, be excited again about the passion of gaming I've had my entire life. Its certainly not my place to state to Evilore what is right, or what is wrong, but if the allegations are true, the best thing you need to do is first go get some help, and two, put the site in good hands that won't let it become what it was before.


Been here since 2008. I am grateful to the community at large for all the gaming and non gaming related information and help. This community is greater than one person and his alleged sins. We have relied on each other for so many perspective altering and reinforcing experiences and discourses. Together, we can survive this albeit with requisite changes to the management.

The future of NeoGAF will be a return to what many of us have come here for, a place where we can gather together and enjoy our shared hobby of video games. For a short time, Off-Topic Discussion and Off-Topic Community will be closed so that we can rediscover that. We'll be starting with a clean slate when they come back. However, the focus will be on the many other hobbies we may have like TV, movies, anime, writing, music, etc. Political and social discourse will not be allowed in the new Off-Topic. Those types of discussions greatly added to the harsh and unwelcoming atmosphere of Off-Topic, which pushed many users away.

Moderation will also see changes. Over the years, moderators changed from simply people who made sure discussion stay civil into personalities. It's because of that, many were targeted for harassment and other things. This shouldn't be happening to them. We've taken action to protect these people by making moderation anonymous. There will be no more red-names that single them out nor will there be a list of who is one.

You know this site's off-topic segment used to be a source of both big and obscured news for me and some of them used to be mired in politics. I have always seen GAF as very beautiful liberal discussion outlet giving voices to so many from myriad different countries who would be berated if not outright hated for it. To shy away from them now under the guise of pushing users away sounds utterly disingenuous since it is this censorship which will put off many members.

Yes, it got chaotic and yes we got trolled and YES it was tough for mods but that is what GAF represents- A very left leaning platform broad enough to house issues of personal and impersonal, political and apolitical matters without fear of censorship.


We came for both, shit isn't hard.

People came here because it was one of the best moderated forums out there. You could talk about anything so long as you actually brought the receipts. Now for some reason we aren't allowed to talk about anything other than approved topics.

Nothing says civil and open discourse like limiting free speech.

Because Neogaf was a beacon of free speech before? Hahahaha


You’re a sexual predator....

What's the proof of this? I wouldn't go on to date someone I thought was a predator but isn't that what happened?

From Kotaku
In a phone conversation with Kotaku, Leupp said that even after the alleged shower incident, she'd continued her friendship and even had a brief physical relationship with Malka until they had a falling out at E3 2015.
Polictal discussion wasn’t the problem. The problem ( besides the sexual assault) was you let the moderators to go fucking wild and no one felt like they could actually speak their minds around here. There was no discussion, it was just a collection of people trying to go which ever way the moderation was going. Total group think mentality and this has been going on for years.

Sad that it took something like this for people to wake the fuck up and realize how poisonous this place can be.


I just came back to say farewell to camera GAF and 2 wheel gaf. Oh shit and F1 gaf. And gran turismo and Zelda gaf. Destiny gaf.

I hope you realize the site is not you are the mod team, it is the users. I will not be coming back and giving you content.

To everyone I gammed and chatted with it was nice meeting you. To every mod that banned me f you :p


Evilore, just say something like this.
"I was drunk and wrong, I hurt a girl I liked, I'm truly sorry. I let her and myself down. I need help. I will learned from this, please donot attack her, she did no wrong"
that would have been to easy and he would have had to admit an error on his part, he's infallible, you see. Not unlike idiots in power.


Are people still going to be banned simply for disagreeing with majority opinion? My posting was reduced to pretty much nil over time due to that simple fact.
The allegations against EviLore don't really have anything to do with me posting on this site or not. (He is not the NeoGAF community) The nanny moderation does.

I figure this might be a good time for a change but I don't know if there will be one. Can we get an official statement on that?


People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks.
Removing politics from video games is one of the most consumerist bullshit I've ever heard. Games are political, games are dripping in social commentary. Get over it guys

The problem is mixing politics with games. I want to play games so I can enjoy, I do not participate in politics because it is stressful plus not everyone finds politics fun, not everyone can understand or appreciate the Trump-laden or US-political stuff because not everyone lives in the US.


Glad to have the Gaming side back, and if politics aren't allowed in the upcoming Off Topic, I'm hoping that we can still have a Politics OT in Community.


If NeoGaf is back, a new mod team that sets clear and transparent expectations for the community needs to be established asap.
The silver lining here, is maybe some of you guys can like... just have less internet drama in your life, and go out, and like live life. I'm sure that the buddies you made here are out there reforming the communities elsewhere. If there were OT threads that were helping you here, there's other places like sub-reddits or other boards where you can talk. If you made great friends here, I'm sure you'll be able to find them.

Remember, you are choosing where to spend your time. You are not compelled to stay here. Find your friends, and go chat with them elsewhere. Exchange numbers or FBs and like... chat and shit, you know?

There should be a "Missed Connections GAF" sub-reddit

"More_Badass, I remember you on GAF. You were cool. I miss you. Let's talk Magnus Archives"

Edit: You know dude, you could have just made a separate politics sub-forum and just had that properly moderated.


The way to make this board work is to sell it for, like, 50 cents, whatever it's worth now, and try to rebuild around some of the more sensible senior personalities. Of course this isn't going to happen, which is too bad, because it will really be the end.

I wish I could say I'm surprised by the OP, but I'm not. What I am surprised by is anonymous mods, as if the problem here was that bans and modbot were too transparent, and that anyone would choose to become a mod now. It's like angling to become an official in the last days of Vichy France.
I'm just a junior member, and maybe I don't know shit, but, from my perspective, everybody just needs to breathe and calm the fuck down.

Like, Empathy 101.

We're all just people, imperfect and mistake-prone. Not a single one of us is so perfect as to have the right to condemn another.

If you need to leave, leave. If you need to stay, stay. If you need to mod, mod. Just do it in peace. There's no need to attempt to destroy the ideological opposition in the process. That accomplishes nothing useful.

Games, bitches. This shit's supposed to be fun. :p

When was the last time you sexually harassed or assaulted someone?
I'm happy to see this place back online after the scare of the past couple of days.

This community has played a significant part of my life for two decades... the thought of it vanishing overnight was almost unthinkable.

Although I've had strong dissatisfaction with the moderation on socio-political issues of late (I experienced more bans in the past year than in the past 20), which led me to censor myself and avoid discussions where I knew voicing my opinion on the matter would cause another ban, and that diminished my love for this place, but on balance I think this community was still very valuable to me and many others.

I wish for less knee-jerk punishments of "wrong-think" on here, but I'm not optimistic on that front. Anyway, it's good to be here and I hope the community recovers from this blow and things get better.

Pie and Beans

Look for me on the local news, I'll be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec's house.
Wow, had no idea I shared a internet messageboard forum with so many bad-ass martyrs. History will remember your shitposts! Surely.

Moderation has always been awful on NeoGAF and thats more responsible for the out of control monster the entire site became possessed by, so not sad to see so many disappear at all. Having said that, a Secret Police approach doesn't excite. But I understand why having so few red names would spook the herd and maybe accountability will be something achieved later.


What's the proof of this? I wouldn't go on to date someone I thought was a predator but isn't that what happened?

From Kotaku
In a phone conversation with Kotaku, Leupp said that even after the alleged shower incident, she'd continued her friendship and even had a brief physical relationship with Malka until they had a falling out at E3 2015.

What do you think domestic abuse is?
Thinking you can just remove politics lmao, do you not live in reality? “Politics” are everywhere. They exist in gaming conversations too. You are courting the alt-right by trying to suppress political discourse.
Guess what last week neogaf was normal the week before that normal the week before fthat normal but when didn't you give turn this s*** when when did it die when or the service. Oh oh wait it was when evil lore f***** up.

Normal for you maybe. This site has literally thousands of lurkers and former banned members who just wanted a place to have fair and balanced discussions about games/movies/nerd culture in general. NOT be preached at by holier than thou, sanctimonious types and told they are Nazis because they are to the right of Joseph Stalin.

This USED to be a place where EVERYONE could have a voice as long as they weren't being pricks or arguing disingenuously. It CAN be that again.
The answer to people having issues with mod accountability is not to make moderation anonymous. That’s the exact opposite of what should be happening if you actually wanted to address people’s concerns on that front. It’s entirely tone deaf.

Also if you really want to save this community you should step down and pass leadership to someone else. The community has spoken pretty clearly on that front.
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