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The Video Game Name Generator

Searched and couldn't find anything.

Learned about this on the Going Nintendo site. Like the name suggests, it randomly generates names for video games. I've spent way too much time on the site already. The results have mostly been hillarious.

Check it out for yourself.

And feel free to photoshop some actual boxart for whatever you get. Somethingawful did it a little while ago which made for some really funny boxart. You can check it out here and here.

Here are some of my favorites:


NBA Grizzly Bear - Limited Edition and John Romero's Business Rampage are two games now on my most-anticipated list. I imagine JRBR is the sequel to Daikatana. Thus, do want.


Prehistoric Helicopter Deluxe

Trendy Janitor in the Dark :)lol)

Save Yourself from the Bedtime Operatives :)lol :lol)

Mickey's Boxing Playhouse

Hidden Amish XXX :)lol :lol :lol)


Return of the Rollerball on Wheels
Galactic Dog in Space
God of Skate Maxx
Action Hitman Hero
Brain-Damaged UFO - The Card Game

WHOA :lol
rainking187 said:
Invisible Theme Park Syndrome


I think it's especially relevant in the age of the real estate bust. Just think how many tycoons are left standing there on their vacant block of once-were dreams.


Unstoppable Biplane Annihilation....:lol
WWII Bobsled in the Desert - lmao

WWII Breakdancing in the Magic Kingdom.....WAIT A SECOND!



Corporate Apologist
The Hunt For the Golf Tournament

Sounds like it could be a fairly good action game laced with slap stick comedy.

The Unforgettable Carnival of Death

Sounds like a Professor Layton Rip Off.


Legacy of Batman Jam :lol

Stealth Florist in the Bayou :lol :lol

Indiana Jones and the Transvestite Combat :lol :lol :lol
Stitch said:
All-Night Shark Boxing :O

Finally, a game version! Man, if this ain't the hottest underground sport out there. Hopefully this puts the spotlight on the best competitive action this side of Inbred Landmine Riders.


Dirty Music - Total War

Hell Yes.

Edit: Post-Apocalyptic Jungle - Hot Pursuit

Sounds like Fallout, but in a jungle and with cars.
Hillbilly Bandicoot Dance Party*
Panzer Hamster Gold*
Psychedelic Drug-Dealing in Busytown
Explosive Cardboard Dudes*
Celtic Rugby in the Hood
Jackie Chan's Werewolf Machine**
Final Fantasy Speed Slam
Insane Punching - 2nd Impact*

*Sounds like an actual game from the PSX/Saturn/N64 era
**Is the best title ever
Awesome Shotgun Superstar

That's odd, I thought it was a video game name generator not a psychic.

Only one problem with this site, every game doesn't end in a number.



I can't believe this doesn't exist yet.

Edit: I'm pretty sure SUPER SAILBOAT PIMPS needs to exist as well.


The next thing you get, you have to make a boxart on! Let me refresh and...

Unholy Tricycle Academy

See you within the hour!

Hank The Tank

Neo Member
Morbidly Obese Cooking Expert, Satan's Gimp Armageddon and Mexican Golf Overlords. It's imperative that I play these games as soon as possible.


Flamboyant Military Gone Wild
Elite Shaving Project
Electric Police Choreographer
Wooden Yak Bloodbath
Profane Weight Loss Rebellion
Nihilistic Ping Pong Tactics

I would buy all of these.


Generic Booty - The Card Game

Someone tell the guy from the yugioh thread that we have a cure.

EmCeeGramr said:
Seriously, I am daring all of NeoGAF to come up with a better title and/or concept for a game than JACKIE CHAN'S WEREWOLF MACHINE.
Hitler's Kung-fu Trivia


Luigi's Graveyard Blast

Amazing that the title does a pretty good job describing an actual game. :lol

I hope the word edge is not in there, otherwise they are gonna get used.

Edit: Bling Bling Bedtime Pimps HOLY SHIT
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