The Wait is over - First PS3 Ad

It's a feel good ad and it serves its purpose.

Except for that 9 year old, the wait very likely won't be over come this november. lol.
Wow, domination of post-rock loving nine-year-old demographic confirmed. Brilliant. Reminds me of the way they locked down dustball fetishists with the PSP. Anyone have time to do a parody? I'll save you the conceptual stage. Kid looking at sky.




*cut back to skygazing third-grader. it starts raining*


*kid cries*
I thought it was a cool ad but the look is really misleading.

You could easily replace the end text with:
War is coming

I don't mean console wars but a real war. Add in zeppelin-like imagery flying overhead, bleak gray landscape and it's a rather grim and odd ad.
Pretty cool ad. I like all the subtle 3's it gives, but I can see people definitely thinking this would be a Spider-Man ad or something. It is way too ambiguous, and shows nothing of the product at all. More of a teaser than anything else.

Nice music, too.
I hate these commercials that don't show anything of the product. It was cool one time, when Apple did it in the 1984 commercial. It's not cool anymore.