The Walking Dead Survival Instict Revealed

If there's one IP that doesn't suit a generic first-person "shoot as many zombies in the face as you can" game, it's The Walking Dead.
To be fair, this is specifically not something Terminal Reality are aiming to make. I don't think the game is looking particularly good going by this footage, but this isn't a "shoot as many zombies in the face as you can" game, as you put it.
I was kind of on board until this part:

'But do you want to give him or her a weapon from your inventory or a sports drink (health in the game'

Really? Sports drinks? What the fuck.
From the developer that brought you such quality video games such as Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run, Aeon Flux, and Kinect Star Wars.

It's going to be a poorly done cash in, which is pretty disappointing because the market is there for zombie survival games that actually expect you to try and survive.
Nope. As much as I love Walking Dead, I'll pass. Not a big fan of first person shooters, and this just screams quick cash grab on the license.
it's Activision. did anyone think this was a legitimate attempt because they love the license?

looking forward to seeing what perks/killstreaks they have in this
I really like that there are these three kind of legitimate, ongoing takes on TWD universe. The TV show, the comics and the game (TT) all do their own thing within their respective mediums telling this harrowing, and hopeless tale.

Adding in more games though... especially a cheap looking title like this just dilutes the TWD as a gaming entity, imo.