The Wii U Speculation Thread V: The Final Frontier

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All I know is that it's not supposed to be an existing IP and that it targets the PS360 crowd. Metroid x Star Fox doesn't fit that. And with it supposedly not being an existing IP, a new one is the only logical solution.
This come from beyond 3d forums? Any reason why this rumor has more credibility than Paul Gale one?
I was going to say games Skyrim and Fallout (like discussed last night if I remember correctly) works for the same type of crowd. Not saying that's what it is, but we shouldn't necessarily limit the possibility to being a FPS.
Like I said before, I think they'll follow Uncharted more than they'll follow Call of Duty.
Except more fantasy or sci-fi.
I can't think of any other possible reason, because MS's show has been downright dreadful the past few years. Unless people think that's reason to think they are due for a good showing (ala 2010 Nintendo after a couple of really terrible shows).

I mean, my expectations for Microsoft are easily the lowest of the Big 3 this year. So they certainly have the most potential to surprise me, but to actually expect them to deliver something great is nonsensical.
It's even more curious since even the guys at Gametrailers, including the (for whatever reason) so popular Pachter have hardly anything good to say about MS.

Fuck FPS, I'm hoping they're working on an FPA. Gimmie my open world FPA and I'll be content with just that one game for the entire generation.
I just hope it's an adventure, my preferences for 2D/3D, first/third person, subgenre, etc. come secondary. Some FPS, Starfox and stuff like that could still make their amazing art direction shine, but their talent for proper level design would probably be wasted, while there's certainly better (and proven) partners for such projects.
The one thing ties Metroid and Star Fox together is: Both franchises involve space traveling to distant planets.

And to me, that single idea could make this game one of the most ambitious games ever.
@ Tunafish - Yes.

And here is the Iwata quote from Iwata under A 4-2 talking about not wanting to see all games become FPS.

However, I do not think that the Wii U will be in widespread use all over the world only with Nintendo software. Currently, in the western countries especially, war-themed gun-shooting games, which are not well-received in Japan, are very popular. It is a reality that some of these games sell 10 million units per year in those markets, and this is one valid type of video game genre. I would personally feel sad if all video games became something like that, but on the other hand, I do not think such games should disappear. Both (Nintendo software for everyone and gun-shooting games) are video games, so our aim for the Wii U is for it to be a console where various people can enjoy what they want to enjoy at their own discretion. Therefore, we have been talking to major overseas software publishers who are good at developing such games, and through our communication, we have received very positive comments from them (on the development on the Wii U). So we believe such software publishers will proactively develop software for the Wii U, and we think we can dispel the concerns you mentioned earlier by the time of its launch.
Nintendo's take on Mass Effect?
It's possible.

Ya know, I always thought the best way to do Star Fox is this:

I was thinking about how Smash Bros is all about bringing different Nintendo characters together.

The ability for Star Fox to travel to different planets and meet different Nintendo characters on each planet opens up lots of possibilities. Kind of like how in Kingdom hearts, you can meet different Disney characters in different worlds based on Disney movie themes.


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I wanna hold it!

Am I the only one who thinks there's a lot of excess empty space?

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- So they changed it to actual sticks (thank the lawd)
- they fixed the placements of the buttons and dpad
- safe to say analog triggers are in?

I think so. Looks like they listened to all developer requests on the controller front.
The games I'm mentioning though, don't seem to have any of those tie ins. I think the exclusivity stuff is nearly dead outside of DLC, moving forward to retailer exclusive bonuses.

And with so many third parties failing, this is on their own business plan being destroyed than anything else.

I mean, it's really pretty simple to predict and decide what games to bring to a Nintendo system to make money. You have three generations of Nintendo consoles now to go back on and extrapolate date from to decide what types of games do well. Ever since the SNES days, Nintendo has been pretty similar in third party support and audience, so companies should be going back and looking at what games succeeded and failed and follow up on it.

Perfect example is THQ having a good thing going co-developing wrestling games on Nintendo platforms vs. everything else. The AKI games on N64 and follow ups with a similar team on Gamecube sold great. So what did they do? The AXED that version and decided to push a poor ported game from the other versions. Then they wondered why it failed. They had a whole engine set up on Gamecube with these games, and a very popular studio under their wing during the N64 era for these games, so their response was to cut both. Great move.

If these companies would actually look at what they're doing and look at history, they would see where they're going wrong. Versions of your super popular games should be on as many platforms as you can get, especially when you have the game made and ready. Saints Row 3 is done, it sold great, and all they have to do is port it. Instead, they're porting versions of less popular games.

In addition to that, they should look to the past to see what succeeded and why. Sonic should be mandatory on any Nintendo system, along with any mascot type games. Tony Hawk did great on the Gamecube as I recall, it would do fine with that type of game in that environment. Need for Speed: Most Wanted would fit well in that environment - they could have made a picture perfect port of the PS2 original onto the Wii and it would have did great, instead they expended more money and effort making a budget shovelware game instead of porting a good previous game.

This isn't rocket science, if they would get their head out of their asses there is money to be made on any system. Instead they rather just point the finger to rising development costs, piracy, used games, or whatever the scapegoat of the month is.
I have all the same exact issues you do with these companies (in some cases specifically with the Day of Reckoning games). Now THQ is bankrupt and might lose the WWE license altogether. Depending on the game, many 3rd-party ports even controlled better on Gamecube.

Wii couldn't have received Metal Gear Trilogy HD, but it could have the ports anyways PLUS the an exclusive reprint of Twin Snakes. Why Konami doesn't do this, I have no idea.

Wii got Sonic Colors, and by most accounts it was a great game. There's also the rumor of Sonic Team working with EAD for a new Sonic game. Sega seems to have some things in order.

The one that upsets me most is Capcom, because of all the crap they pulled BEFORE this generation. They seem to be succeeding in spite of it though.
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