The Wii U Speculation Thread V: The Final Frontier

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When I first unveiled in December, 2010 that I received word on a Castlevania title in development for 3DS that would cleverly make use of the system's cameras, more so than the motion control took a while before more news was found.

Ironically, this whole Star Fox - Metroid: Fusion Saga thing popped up on my desk just over a week before when I was planning to talk about Castlevania: Mirror of Fate.

To answer your question though, you will be seeing it at E3 this June and I apologize for being less than 100% honest with you in my reply a couple days ago. I did mention you, however, and this very topic in my article on the a bit of a shout out.

(This was the article you were originally referring to, correct?)

That being said, I hope you're satisfied now! And I'll end this with one question to all of you, "Would you rather the Wii U Castlevania game have continued to been Mirror of Fate or are you happy that it's turning out to be Lords of Shadows 2?"

Thanks for your feedback in advance.
Something about what you said in your site:
The development of Wii U’s own ground-up Castlevania sku could still happen, I’m being told.
Here's hoping IGA gets to work on this one.
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