The Witcher 3 has shipped nearly 10 million copies

From the other thread, I thought this was probably worthy of discussion on its own:

This puts our console/PC RPG sales pantheon at (based on most recent statements, don't carve this in stone, generally lists best selling recent entry):

Diablo 3/RoS: 30+ million
Skyrim: 20+ million
Destiny: Seemingly at least 12-15 million based on statements, least certain here
Borderlands 2: 12.5+ million
Fallout 4: 12 million (at launch, will presumably slot in around Skyrim)
Final Fantasy VII: 11 million
The Witcher 3: Nearly 10 million
Final Fantasy XIII: ~7.5 million
Dragon Age/Mass Effect: Both seem to be at about 5-6 million LTD on the biggest entries unless EA wants to give an update
Dark Souls 1: ~5.6 million
Bloodborne: 2 million

There's probably room for at least a couple more million for The Witcher 3 with an eventual GOTY edition and cheap Steam sales.

The rest of the series has done a bit over 10 million.
Wonderful to see a game that provides so much real value to consumers doing so well. They made a game that was worth what it cost, and people paid for it.

Good to see.
The Greatest RPG of all time IMO. So well deserved sales. Can't wait for Cyberpunk and Witcher 4. CDProjekt Red kind of hinted they are starting work on Witcher 4 already so bring it on!!!
CDProjekt Red deserves all the success. They made an amazing game and I am glad millions others get to share the similar amazing experience I had playing this game.
Well, well deserved my GotG so far. bring on 2077!

I'm still amazed FFXIII has sold 7.5 million............I didn't hate it....but gosh was it so damn disappointing.
What!? Do you have a source for that?
CDProjekt Red's financial reporting. They said a couple things that hint at Witcher 4. They mentioned Release of another AAA RPG that isn't Cyberpunk between 2017-2021 and they also specifically mentioned "Expansion of Core Franchises". Its pretty obvious they are already in the early stages of planning out Witcher 4

Edit - also they are creating a total of 4 teams. 2 of which are working on "new things". So what are the other 2 doing? 1 is working on Cyberpunk and the other will likely be building Witcher 4
Congrats to CDPR, they absolutely deserve all the sales!
W3 is one of my favorite games of all time, and I never played a witcher game before it either.
I need to get back into the game and finish it off. I tend to steer towards the shorter games which is why W3 and XBX are sorta being pushed off.

for 100+ hours of content the game seemed to be enjoyable every step of the way from the time I put in so far.
I'm actually surprised these series aren't higher. Maybe MEA will break the 6 million barrier.
BioWare has been decidedly stable in sales, but since everyone else went up, they're become the laggards of the genre sales-wise relative to stature.

While EA seemed quite happy with Inquisition, I have to imagine they're looking at the state of the genre and hoping for growth.