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Analysis The Witcher, the Cowboy and the Samurai - which open world does it best this generation?


Jun 14, 2019
Please take note, I'm only listing these games because they're the only openworld games I've played on my PS4 this gen. So sorry to Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin's Creed or Fallout 4 fans.

Which that said, which one of these games is the best open world game for you?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (CDProjektRed)

PROS: Visuals and atmosphere are phenomenal. Some of the best writing to be seen in videogames with well written sidequests being the highlight. Openworld is large and expansive, filled with many quests to fulfill and populated by great supporting characters. Downloadable expansions are also huge and offer so much additional content after the main story is finished. Oh, and there's Gwent of course.

CONS: Combat is rather dull and lacking in complexity. Traversal mechanics are also not the best and what loot you find in the world is rather useless once you find Witcher gear and stick with it. The game also suffers from long loading times making reloading quite tedious.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games)

PROS: A brilliant openworld simulation of the Old West with a ton of stuff to do, from hunting wildlife, gambling, fishing and of course, shooting people. Gunplay is as good as ever with the Dead Eye mechanic and the variety of firearms you can carry. The visuals are also phenomenal with some of the best weather effects ever seen in a game. The fantastic story greatly expands the backstory of the first game with some great characters and moments both comic and tragic.

CONS: The controls are slow and make moving around an exercise in frustration at times, especially when interacting with objects and people in the world. Idle animations for simple tasks like skinning animals are needlessly time consuming. The plot takes an awful long time to gain any momentum until the 3rd chapter. Also suffers from extremely long loading times.

Ghost of Tsushima (Sucker Punch)

PROS: Quite simply one of the most beautiful looking open worlds with lush environments that helped evoke feudal Jaoan. It also boasts one of the best melee combat systems ever seen in an openworld game that favors timing and strategy over button mashing. Control is fluid which makes the platforming sections easy to navigate. The story is surprisingly gripping with some well written sidequests that explore the horror and tragedy of war. Loading times are short to nonexistent despite the games huge size, and a generous checkpoint system takes the frustration out of redoing missions.

CONS: Enemy AI is somewhat lacking during stealth sections. Navigating the world without a minimap can be confusing at times with only the guiding wind to guide you.

I have to say, while I haven't finished Ghost yet (still in Act 2), I'm enjoying my time playing it way more than I did with TW3 and RDR2. Sucker Punch should be commended for getting rid of a lot of the gripes I've had with openworld games and making such a streamlined experience.

But what say you GAF? Which openworld game was the best for you?
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Golden Boy
Jun 2, 2013
Witcher 3 for Content and Creativity
Red Dead Redemption for Realism and Tragedy
Ghost of Tsushima for Beauty and Artstyle
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