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The Wolf Among Us 2 reveal trailer (4K)

Just played the first one this past week. I really liked the premise/setting and the art style is great.

Not sure where I'd rank it in the TT rankings, but probably third behind GOT and TWD.
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This was a welcomed surprise.

(hoping the character development, story arcs, witty dialogue & voice acting are all top notch like the first. Obviously same art style as the previous game. I’m curious as to how Telltale/Skybound improved upon their engine in a way that could revamp gameplay tho.)
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The first one was amazing. so I can only hope this one lives up to it's legacy.
And I really hope this game is not filled with QTEs, like most of the recent Telltale games.
Looking forward to this. The style looks like a faithful upgrade with a lot of the improvements you'd want (clarity, effects, fluid animation). I like Bigby's spiffy winter coat and I'm ready to have another go at crime solving in Fabletown. Or I guess Fabletown and the mundy world this time. It will be interesting to see Bigby's dynamic with a human partner.

For this sequel I really hope they expand some of the mystery solving aspects in the first game. One of my favorite scenes from Wolf 1 was when you investigated Toad's apartment, revealing signs of a prior fight, and catching him in lies. If they incorporate more scenes like that, where you feel active in solving the mystery, this game could elevate beyond the original. I assume they have time to do more now that they've changed their development pipeline.


Wonder if they're still going to carry forward choices, or if it'll just go with canon choices. My save file from 10 years ago is surely long gone.


Loved the first, can't wait for this. Trailer did what it needed and got me excited. I just hope it lives up to the first.


Nice, looking good.
The first was my second favorite Telltale game after Tales from the Borderlands.

Not a fan of it being episodic. Or rather, it was the main reasons I always bought their game for cheap. I always preferred to wait for all chapters to be out, and then it was like "well I've waited so far, might as well wait for a good sale".

A crossgen game..in 2023. Am hype for this though.

To be fair it's one of these interactive movie type games with a cartoony art style. Hardly something that needs cutting edge tech.
I expect many AA and indie games releasing on ps4.
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Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
Hopefully the writing is up-to-par. The first game was pretty good, but I don't think we know who is writing the story for this game.

The trailer would have been much better without the therapist interaction and dialogue on top of it honestly. The art of "show, don't tell" is lost on these people.


Super. Loved the first one almost as much as Borderlands.

However, I thought Telltale had closed down.
This is a surprised. I thought they died a while back. Wonder if they actually updated the engine.

They were revived by a dude named Jamie Ottilie, who has purchased the rights to TTG and some of it's properties under LCG Entertainment. They're currently a much smaller studio and ~50% comprised of old TTG members. Wolf 2 is being jointly developed with AdHoc studios, which was formed by ex-TTG members in the wake of old-TTG's shuttering. So, at least for this game in particular, a lot of old TTG devs who worked on the original Wolf 2 project are working on this one. Although, this latest iteration of Wolf 2 was started from scratch rather than building off the cancelled version. They're no longer using TellTale Tool as their engine and have switched to Unreal Engine.
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