The World Ends With You sequel teased in iOS game

I refuse to get excited. Hinting at is in the iOS version terrifies me, because it suggests the game is coming to that platform. If it weren't incompatible with the platforms I want it on, that wouldn't be terrifying.
Awesome. Hope it's on several platforms (iOS, Vita, 3DS would be great).

And yeah, this girl looks nothing like any of the TWEWY characters,
not even like the real Shiki
OMG. Yessssss. Plz

EDIT- Maybe the next game will have the protag using new powers and she'll have to option wear/use Neku and Shiki's weapons?


Hunky Nostradamus
Yusss! I like her character design. (though the headphones make her seem a little too similar to Neku)

I just hope it's not exclusive to iPhone/iPad though, cause I don't have one! >__<
I'd be okay with this, if only for the fact that it shows they're not stupid enough to go with the original cast again for a potential sequel.
I think you could do this, but not within the context of the reaper game as normal.

It would have to be a less straight forward "Repeat last game with new cast." sequel.
It will definitely be multiplatform, 3DS and iOS for sure. Vita is likely too thanks to the iOS port retconning the two screen mechanic.
Yep. They're better off abandoning the two-screen mechanic as far as gameplay is concerned as long as this new game is built from the ground up with a single touchscreen in mind, then being able to put it out on multiple platforms at once. This series deserves to be a big deal, which means making it multiplat, IMO.
They did announce that they will be more games to come. I wouldn't be surprised if its announced for both the Iphone and the 3DS

In a recent interview given by Tatsuya Kando, director of the recently ported game The World Ends With You, he said that there are still "many more developments" still planned for the title beyond the iOS port.

The recent port features a revamped Fusion combat system, as well as upgraded high-definition art and touchscreen menus. A wireless arcade feature allows players to connect with fellow iOS gamers in the "Tin Pin Slammer" bonus game.

The port retails for US$17.99 on iPhone and US$19.99 for iPad, and includes composer Takeharu Ishimoto's 60-song soundtrack.

Via My game news flash.