The worst game music of the generation.


Easily the most bland, uninspired soundtrack this generation. Totally contrasts Gen 5.

EDIT: Yeah, Sonic Chronicles had some really bad music. I probably misread the OP when he said "generation" as well and assumed "this generation". My bad if this is the case.
I generally like the soundtrack in Mass Effect 2, but there's one song in particular that I absolutely hate. I don't know what it's called, but I know you hear it during the recruit Mordin mission. They brought it back for one small side quest in ME3, and it instantly became my least favourite mission because of that song. Not even sure what it is about it that I hate, it just seems to really get on my nerves
Yeah it's not great. Other from this track though, I think the soundtrack of Final Fantasy 13 was my favorite part about the game.
But..the bad

I wake in the morning
Tired of sleeping
Get in the shower
And my make my bed alone
I put on my make up
Talk into the mirror
Ready for a new day
I absolutely hate the battle music from Ni No Kuni now. How the hell did they think it would be a good idea to play the same theme for EVERY battle in a 40 hour+ game???