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The XBLAFancast - A podcast about Xbox Live Arcade

The XBLAFancast is the official podcast of XBLAFans.com. A site you may have heard of, we broke the original stories on the games that eventually became Gotham City Impostors and Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

Each week some of the site staff, led by myself, record the XBLAFancast. The aim is to talk about the latest XBLA games and discuss some of the biggest stories surrounding the service. Recently we've added segments focusing on community and giving one of our more opinionated members a spotlight. We try our best to keep things informative and interesting whilst not being afraid to go off on the odd tangent or talk the occasional bit of nonsense.

We just released our fiftieth episode, which just happened to coincide with our one year anniversary. I thought I'd take the opportunity to make this thread and introduce Gaffers to the show. And hopefully get some feedback and perhaps even gain a few new listeners.

Feedback, comments and suggestions are all welcome and appreciated. Thanks.


XBLAFancast Episode 50 - Anniversary Edition

Believe it or not, we’ve been doing this for a whole year (to the day!). We’ve gone through a lot of changes but we like to think we have a pretty good show on our hands at this point, we hope you do too.

Andrew’s out this week so it’s myself, Perry and Todd. We kick things off talking about Warp and a little about Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Todd has a somewhat unique perspective having never played the original. Then Perry drops some news bombs as per usual. He also takes over Crews’ Community Corner, during which we have a couple of fairly long discussions about the future of the site and XBLA in general. Big thanks to @MRX93 and our own Steve Melton for their contributions to the twitter topics.

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