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The XNA Indie Games Official Thread

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Apr 15, 2005
JFizzle said:
But can't you tell if it's crappy by the screenshots and box art and title and rating? Especially if it's a massage app, that shouldn't waste any of your time, you should be skipping right over it. Same goes for the fart apps, talking to girls apps, etc, right? These are the types of games we're talking about here.

And you should delete some of your memory or get a new hard drive or something if the dashboard is taking that long.

The dashboard has always taken that long. I install all of my games to the Hard Drive and have a huge library of arcade games. Deleting stuff is not an option and it is a pretty absurd solution to the problem. Browsing one's game list is an excruciating experience. I have trial games that I downloaded and never played because after two or three cycles of pain with the dashboard refreshing, I just gave up and move on to something else.

While the indie developers releasing trash games cannot be blamed for the piss poor performance of the dashboard, it is just another thing that contributes to the general shitiness that is the indie games experience.

Screenshots and boxart do not tell the whole story. Miner Dig Deep is probably one of the best games on the service. Its box art and screens do not do the game justice at all.

HadesGigas said:
Xbox.com is constantly making me enter my password. Especially in Opera where it says I enter the password wrong the first time, no matter what, then accepts it the second time.

And it's pop-in windows for buying are slow loading and sometimes randomly decide to become a full page.

My experience with the browser is the same as well. The interface is slow, clunky and seems to register every other click of the mouse button. Maybe I am too impatient, but the aggravation/reward ratio is too high to "wade through the shit".


May 3, 2009
Couldn't just have the OS cache what games you have installed, rather than scanning the HDD every single time? It's so ridiculous.


Apr 18, 2009
I've actually noticed that if I log into Xbox Live in the morning around 9:00 AM EST, then the list populates very quickly. I wonder if it's authenticating each app before showing it as a "Play Trial"/"Play Now" option. Signing on in the evening is still as slow as ever.


Apr 7, 2009
Check out the press release/trailer our upcoming Xbox Live Indie Game:

Kelowna, British Columbia -

Cosmic Logic Inc. is proud to officially announce details on their upcoming release: "Doc Logic" featuring the music of indie sensation "8 Bit Weapon."

"Doc Logic" is an arcade-style platformer with an emphasis on explosive action and survival. Doc blasts across the screen with upgradeable weapons and abilities through expanding levels of increased difficulty that will challenge and engage the true gamer in you. Unique level designs combined with increasing enemy difficulty makes "Doc Logic" an intense sci-fi adventure. Do what you can to keep the clock running as you collect points, destroy enemies, and collect time bonuses.

"Doc Logic" features a collaboration with indie music sensation "8 Bit Weapon" that heightens the gaming experience to new levels. "8 Bit Weapon" is Seth & Michelle. Inspired by classic video game soundtracks and electronic music from the arcade era, "8 Bit Weapon" delivers a sound that is as unique as it is original.

"Doc Logic" will be available on Xbox Live Indie Games and PC in 2010. PC Demo coming soon.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYi21mVE5Kk
Screenshots: http://cosmicblogic.blogspot.com/2010/08/blog-post.html
Cover art: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_y_lPYGaUV...AQk/GzD-Z5ZBU3E/s1600/Doc+Logic+Cover+Art.jpg


Dec 5, 2008
Thames Ditton, UK
The Monthly thread, put all your Xbox based Indie stuff there!

Re: slow gameslist loading. If you're not connected to XBL, it populates immediately. I don't know what it's doing with Xbox LIVE but if it doesn't need to do it when you're not connected, I don't see why it needs to do it when you are.
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