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There are now over 6000 games on Steam

(If this thread overruns too much with the oversaturation thread, just lock it down. I had been planning on making this thread when Steam hit this number anyway)


That is a lot, a LOT, of games. Doesn't count any that were delisted, either. Steam has come such a long way in the last few years it's incredible, and while there may be talk of there being too many released in a short period of time, I think this is overall a big win for games as whole. You have a catalogue that spans generations, covering every single genre. There is a game on Steam for everyone, (or, in JaseC's case, every game for one person). After a rocky start, this is where Steam is now: the heart of PC gaming, front and center. And with the hardware initiatives launching later this year, it's only going to get more crazy

Here's to 6000 more


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Still need a couple more to shock Vegeta.

Quite an achievement though...all things considered a bigger selection is always better.


I can't help but think about the Valve employees (and contest winners, iirc) that have a Steam account with ALL games unlocked. Talk about having a backlog.


I would have expected more. This means that people who have game libraries in like the thousands own over a sixth of the Steam catalog. When you take into account how much shovleware there is on Steam plus the fact that there are probably lots of non-shovleware games those people aren't interested in playing, that seems like a large percentage to me. Also take into account the fact that this library accounts for multiple generations of games and lots of older PC titles that have been put on the service.


Is it weird that to me 6,000 sounds like kind of a low number considering how big steam is and how easy it is to get onto it?


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
I can't help but think about the Valve employees (and contest winners, iirc) that have a Steam account with ALL games unlocked. Talk about having a backlog.

Sub 61 used to include every game added to the store (thus its name), but Valve emptied it of all non-Valve content early last year. Now, Valve employees "purchase" games from the store at no cost and just generate keys for any pulled titles they want. The Valve employee with the most games seems to be this guy.

The contest you're thinking of was the grand prize of the 2011 Winter Sale. It was every game on the store at the time, not literally every game on Steam. This bloke won it.

I'm back to #5 now. ;) Astats profiles only update when someone visits their profile page (it's opt-in, essentially).


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For comparison, PS1 "only" had around 2400 games over an eleven-year span. Not even PS2 broke 4000 over thirteen years.

funny, those were the numbers I was thinking about when I said Steam's 6000 seems low. Because there are also many games on Steam that are re-releases and originally came out years before the platform was launched. Not to mention the fact that releasing on Steam is significantly easier than releasing on PS1 and PS2 was back in the day.


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
Have you put your Steam Account in your will?

Knowing my luck, I'd do that only for a grand piano to fall on me the moment I step outside.

Something is wrong here...

Not all games are distributed indefinitely (licence expirations are the most common thorn), plus some titles are exclusive to retail (e.g. the region-specific versions of Football Manager). At least ~330 games have been yanked over the years (the list isn't exhaustive).
There is also another 330 or that have been removed and I think there are some missing from that number too. Can't see any of the Korean FM's in the list.


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Perhaps a more interesting metric would be "what percentage of PC games released since a given year are currently available on Steam?"


for comparison:

2014 we got 1810 new games, so nearly a third of the total.
2015 we got 1827 until today.

(2013 we only got 581)

Source: Steamspy
Userscore hovers around 78 to 81% and Metascore hovers around 69 to 71. So even with the big influx of games, the quality didnt divedump.

Full stats for the three years:

Games: 1827
Average userscore: 78.87%
Average metascore: 70.11%
Average playtime: 05:11
Total copies owned: 87,800,000
Average price: $11.4

Games: 1810
Average userscore: 78.11%
Average metascore: 69.44%
Average playtime: 06:51
Total copies owned: 245,900,000
Average price: $13.6

Games: 581
Average userscore: 81.31%
Average metascore: 71.02%
Average playtime: 09:52
Total copies owned: 270,300,000
Average price: $14.8

Dr. Buni

Out of those over 6000 games, I only have ~70 with ~30 on the wishlist.
A majority of those games are crappy greenlit games :(
You make it sound like all game greenlighted are bad games, which would be quite the ignorant statement ^_~
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