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There's a lot of weird things about Life Is Strange 2...but that entire Chapter 4 takes the cake (spoilers)

Big rant ahead:

I'll start by saying that i didn't hate the game. Some good and interesting ideas there, some chapters were nice (specially chapter 3) but...sweet jesus...chapter 4 got on my nerves and ended up with me almost screaming at the TV. And no...it's not because of that cult and the religious themes.

So these kids are running to Mexico because their dad was murdered by the US police...they get separated at the end of chapter 3 and the younger brother was basically left at a cult.

The kids have one parent still alive...right there in front of that cult entrance. That's when we meet their mother. My first thought was "wow, good, they won't drag this out. the woman will solve this easily. that kid wants to meet his mother for his entire life. great twist that she shows up here".
But somehow the entire plot of that chapter was how we were going to get him out of there, sneaking around so no one sees us...trying to convince him, a 9 year old kid, that the cult was using him, so that we could get him out of there. meanwhile the mother, the person that could legally get him out of there...that wasn't on the run from the police isn't even with us...she's keeping a lookout on that entire field from afar. huh?

Like...i'm all for suspending disbelief in entertainment but are small cults really that powerful in america? When i was searching that fanatic's house, the older brother even found some papers where the woman from the cult was trying to adopt his brother...like, how is that even possible with a living parent and without his / her consent? I never felt the kid was in any danger...

The fact the chapter ended with a burning church (that fire stood still for 20 minutes btw) while we were inside, one man kept beating me, while the mother just kept screaming at me "keep going, you're almost convincing your brother!!" the entire thing felt so damn forced that i just started to laugh...and all of it was completely out of character for the younger kid. Like, he had his brother that had lived with him for his entire life right there, he has been traveling the country for god knows how many months with him, the mother he always wanted to meet was right there and wants to leave that place with him...but somehow the kid was still not convinced to go with them and was okay to trade all that for a woman he knew for literally a month?

I was generally invested on the game's plot even if some characters were completely stereotypical (like their neighbor from chapter 1, the pot farm dudes, etc) but i wasn't expecting a game to make me so damn frustrated due to how stupid the plot was and i played Quantic Dream's games, lmao.

Am i alone in this? I even looked up online and i feel like for all the things people complain...this wasn't on anyone's lists.

The good thing? After this, me trying to bring down the wall on chapter 5 with my powers just made me go "huh...at least it's not as bad as chapter 4".


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The game just tortured you for making the morale choices. I said fuck it and ended up with:
Daniel going full Akira, and them living as anti-heroes in Mexico.

I was disappointed by the paper thin stereotypes in the game.
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