Thief - announcment trailer

That looked pretty awesome. I have Thief II that I bought on sale, but haven't tried it yet. Definitely want to give it a go before this game comes out.
As awesome as that was, I'm disappointed in no gameplay and no Stephen Russell.

However, his new voice is still pretty cool and very Garrett-like.
Shit. Have to wait til I get to work to watch it. Bad timing.

The suspense!!

EDIT: Just watched it. Oh wow, love the atmosphere and seems true to the style of the Thief series. Jonesing for this badly.

Eh - no Stephen Russell makes it a tough sell. Gameplay would have to be exceptionally good to get me off the fence.

Looks nice though. Will have to see how it comes together.

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I like that he didn't kill a single person in the trailer.

I was expecting Dishonored style YEAH BRO BRUTALITY BADASS reveal trailer
That trailer was really well done, hopefully they stay true to the Thief formula and don't become another Assassin's Creed.

cool,I've always wanted a Dishonored clone.

hope it's good and not like SE/Eidos latest games.

It's the other way around, Do some research Dishonored cloned Thief....
Not a fan of the slow-mo dodge -> leave bomb -> jump out of the window sequence.
Loved everything but that yeah. Makes me wonder if this is going to be like the original Assassin's Creed where you can be 100% sneaky but then the game will force you to go loud for the sake of crazy combat and escape sequences.
When they said the teaser was in-engine, I was hoping they were talking about the full trailer too. This isn't in-engine is it?
It looks like it is. The only sequence that was CGI-like was shards of broken window glass. Everything else looked... possible. I hope they will showcase some real gameplay footage soon.