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Thinking back with fondness where that game or system wowed you, with graphics or music or gameplay


Sep 26, 2019
Many times but Ill go with what started.

I had a Nes and a gaming machine with a keyboard ( not sure what it was ) but I was first wowed with Sonic 1 and Revenge of Shinobi.
The music, the colours etc, loved it.

Street Fighter II in the Arcades was amazing and ground breaking.

Than probably Super Mario World.

My first 3D games wowed me like Virtua Fighter 2, Dayatona on the Sega Saturn.

Resident Eviil 2 and MGS rocked my world, the graphics, story and gameplay was amazing.

I think Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time blew everyones heads off at the time as it did with me. Both gameplay and graphics. OOT was special.

After that it was probably the Dreamcast with the graphics on Sonic Adenture and Soul Calibur. Resident Evil Code Veronica intro too lol

Ill name a couple more:

Resident Evil 4
Call of Duty 2
Uncharted 1 and 2

There was some PC games in there before the Dreamcast but Im too tired lol
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Aug 31, 2016
Nes-super mario bros 3
Sega genesis-sonic
Super nes -mario world
Sega saturn-panzer dragoon/virtua fighter 1 and 2
Playstation-twisted metal/resident evil 1 and 2
Dreamcast-sonic adventure/crazy taxy/ hydro thunder
Ps2-metal gear solid 2/twisted metal black
N64- Mario 64/Wave race
Gamecube-ReRemake/F-zero/Metroid Prime/Mario sunshine
Ps3-Uncharted 2/Split/second
Pc-Half life/Unreal
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Mar 23, 2015
Altered Beast and Double Dragon on arcade was pretty amazing to behold, didn't play much because it wasn't cheap here in Sweden and I wasn't that old with not much allowance.

The Amiga is probably the system with most impact on my life, It's the reason why I ended up in the game industry as an artist. The games that stands out the most to me are:
Turrican 2 - The game is one of the best looking games on the system as well as having a killer soundtrack by Chris Huelsbeck.
Back to the Future - I was such an other worldly experience :) And the animations were incredible with an amazing mood.
Moon Stone - So deliciously bloody.
Hybris, Out Run, F18 interceptor, Walker, Speed Ball 2, Dragon Lair, Cannon Fodder, Super Cars 2, Lotus, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, Gods, Civilization, SimCity and so many more.

FF7 completely knocked my socks off, nothing I had played previously on the PS1 looked that good. I love the FF series in general but FF7 original and Remake are one of my favorite games when it comes to aesthetics.

The whole Tekken series is amazing, it's the game I've spent most time with in my life, all installments are special in one way of another. T2 was my first contact with the franchise and it was great, played 3 briefly but Tekken Tag 1 was the start of my life long addiction. The graphics were incredible on the PS2. Then later T4 came around and it's still the game with the best character designs, stages and music to this day. T5 was also very impressive graphically and aesthetically. T6 was honestly pretty drab, fun to play but came out when all games should look gray or brown. And now we have T7, it looks and plays terrific. Hope to see the franchise thriving long into the future.

Soul Calibur on Dreamcast. I was completely floored, It was and still is one of the best looking games, both technically and aesthetically to me in relation to time of release and hardware. I also absolutely loved Sonic Adventures and was such a great 3D experience.

Quake III - Rocket Arena. A coworker and clan top player introduced me to the game, damn what an adrenaline rush the game was, lost many nights of sleep.

SSX series. Oh how I have spend many hours playing these games. It mostly due to the larger than life stages, the colorful graphics, fireworks, speed and game play as well as sound track.

Uncharted 2. I didn't like the graphics in Uncharted 1 so never tried it. But the trailers with the realtime cutscenes with Chole's facial animations sold me on it and I've played all the installments since.

Nier Automata. Mood, music, game play and story, all of them are fantastic.

RE 2 Remake, such an amazing game, I hade serious craving to just go back home and play more while at work, rarely do I get such strong urges from a game these days.

Demons Souls PS5 - I've never tried any of the Souls games before. Now I understand the hype and the graphics, omg, Bluepoint did such an amazing work and kept fps at a solid 60 as well, they deserve so much accolade for the remake.
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Nov 28, 2018
My first exposure to playable 60fps 3d with smooth texturing was Daytona USA. Decades of far superior visuals haven't blown me away like the first example of 3d gaming that was as fast and responsive as a 2d game.

Not necessarily game related, but it was insane to see what a hacked PSP was capable of at the time, before smartphones were commonplace


Fantastik Tuna
Mar 18, 2020

Rise of the robots on SNES

I didn't understand how the game looked so lifelike. I played so damn much of this, which speaks volumes, considering what a slog it was
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Gold Member
Jul 4, 2020
There have been many, but I'd better stick with the original: Ground Control. Detonated my brain. Visuals, sounds, Music, camera, gameplay, plot... think Homeworld Deserts to Kharak , almost exactly, in 2001.

In fact, the greatest modern style warfare RTS of all time, imo, "World in Conflict", is a direct descendant of Ground Control.