This is brillant. Finally, Neogaf is getting back the reputation. Let's try to plan our next course.

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Jun 7, 2018
After that David (of GOD OF WARS) finally admitted that Resetera is bad, it seems like Neogaf's popularity and fame is finally being gained back... But, it's still not complete yet.

As the title says, I get that it has to be very slow and not quick, but we need to plan our next course, if we ever want to get our reputation back, completely. Like, our next plan, our next action. We need to restore the missing pieces and members.

Some of my suggestions are; I see a lot of guest members. I get that they may be lurking, but my suggestion would be to create a little more variety or diversity in the forum threads, especially in the Off-Topic subforum, as to engage them, like making a OT for certain animes, etc.

Then maybe, hopefully, if our reputation goes good enough, we could ask some senior members.

What do you suggest that we do for our next course of action? I would normally put this nicely on that Off-site discussion, but as you can see, we are not going to talk much about that site. It's beyond toxic, anyways.

We're talking about this forums. This is the beginning of the path, to a future path.
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