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This is not Reddit. Yet and still, Ask Me Anything

Aisha Tyler

Please do not murder on my behalf.
Hey guys. I am at e3 and from now until Friday morning I will answer any questions you have about the Ubisoft presser, Ubi games, the floor, French toast or your mom. I am super busy so I will get on here as much as I can and tell you what I've seen.

NOTICE: I am NOT a Ubisoft spokesperson and I DO NOT SPEAK FOR THEM. I am not a games journalist and I will not have seen everything. I am a gamer, but I also have fourteen jobs so I will not have played everything because I have shit to do. I am only really interested in shooters and combat-oriented RPGs so do not ask me about Mario Kart or other tiny, cute things with bunnies and jumping and stuff.

HOWEVER. By EOD Thursday I will have played a bunch of games, including games that aren't really playable yet. I will also have walked the floor, videobombed a lot of vloggers, given Greg Miller at IGN the double finger and taken a lot of photos with sweaty con-goers. Ask your questions and I'll try to answer.

Be aware that if you are a dick I will respond in kind.

And I am a dick for a living, so I will crush you.


How do you like Nintendo stuff?

edit: haha holy shit the answer to my post was literally in the OP. I had nothing interesting to ask but I wanted my post to be among the firsts.
Let me try again:

define "game feel"


How much rehearsing do you have to do before the press conference/how often are there changes to the script?
How did ubisoft first contact you to be the e3 host and what was your reaction?


Were you mad that they made you 4 feet tall in Watch Dogs? And also, did it hurt when I ran you over with a firetruck?

PS you're great.


Really enjoyed your presentation on Monday, you get better every year :)
Edit: and why did you give Greg Miller the double finger, and not a slap instead?


- Does Rainbow Six: Siege play as awesome is it looks?
- Did you check out Evolve? And if so, what did you think?
- Did you play Splatoon? And if so, what did you think?


Rapid Response Threadmaker
OMG I fell in love with you after I saw you mention Final Fantasy Legends at one of your standups.
Will we see Rayman again in a game for next year?
Is Ubisoft planning to release the UbiArt Framework for licensing or personal projects to the independant developers/animators?



How much practice does it take to remember the script and the names of all the games/people that you are showing/introducing on stage?
Will you make any more cameos in Ubisoft games or do you have any plans to maybe do some more work with them? Didn't expect to see you in Watch Dogs!

It'd be great if you could somehow convince them to make another female assassin as the lead with yourself providing voice over and motion capture.
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