This is whats wrong with Elder Scrolls Online

So who can point out thats wrong in this picture?

Control Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls are artifacts of immense power that aid an alliance in the ongoing battle to control Tamriel by conferring bonuses to every member of that alliance. Each alliance has a special stronghold in Cyrodiil where their Elder Scrolls are kept and protected – but enemy alliances can break in and take them if they are not guarded properly. Once access is gained and a Scroll taken, it must be taken back across Cyrodiil and placed in the alliance’s stronghold. Only then are the bonuses of the Scroll bestowed upon all the members of that alliance.

Capture an Elder Scroll, protect it, and return it to your alliance’s stronghold to wield its power and gain bonuses.

You mean the scroll that turns you blind and insane when you read them?

From the Elder Scrolls Wiki:
The Elder Scrolls are artifacts of unknown origin and quantity, being simultaneously archives of historic, past and future events. The prophecies of the Elder Scrolls and the Heroes are interdependent; one cannot exist without the other. They are also known as the "Aedric Prophecies", suggesting that they may have been created by the Aedra. [1]. Without technological aid, Elder Scrolls cannot be read without extreme side-effects, among which are blindness and insanity.
I've been on a total TESO blackout until now. Am I reading this right? They turned the Elder Scrolls into some kind of capture the flag bullshit?
This game every time it pops up it's never good news.
While It might not turn out to bad, I see it flopping just like SWTOR. Don't even think the console versions will help it out.
if a universe as popular as star wars failed to support an MMO twice, then Elder scrolls has no chance. is this game being developed in place of ESVI or is ESVI being developed by a different team?

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In oblivion, but scrapped in Skyrim I think?
They're still resistant to poison in Skyrim, no change there.

if a universe as popular as star wars failed to support an MMO twice, then Elder scrolls has no chance. is this game being developed in place of ESIV or is ESIV being developed by a different team?
The Elder Scrolls IV came out ages ago. You may know it as Oblivion.

But I recall hearing that this is being handled by a separate team, so I doubt The Elder Scrolls VI is in any danger. (I kind of hope they crib the character maker from this game, though. Seemed more involved than what Skyrim had.)
if a universe as popular as star wars failed to support an MMO twice, then Elder scrolls has no chance. is this game being developed in place of ESIV or is ESIV being developed by a different team?
SWG lasted for a decent while and was profitable afaik. Just, because it didn't last forever doesn't mean it failed.
The problem it'll really have is the lack of interactivity in the world. In order to accommodate other players, you just aren't going to have the freedom to do things that Elder Scrolls games normally let you do. When you take that away, is it even really an Elder Scrolls game anymore?
Also, I'm not entirely sure I see what point the OP is trying to make with the Elder Scroll kidnapping. Stealing a Scroll is not equivalent to reading a Scroll.

Argonians are immune to poison.

But there hasn't been Argonians or Kaijiit in Elder Scrolls since Morrowind.
Huh? There are totally Argonians and Khajiit in Oblivion and Skyrim. I'm playing Skyrim as a Khajiit, myself.

Unless this is out of date / wrong they aren't. I played as an Orc so I can't be sure. (The notes part says "Argonians are no longer resistant to Poison like they were in previous games")
My mistake. I guess I conflated their "Resist Disease" race perk with "Resist Poison".
They could have made a sweet game where you could end up being your own shopkeeper and start off with a little shack. Possibly move your way up into the big cities if you make enough money by selling goods. Maybe set up shop outside of known dungeons if your willing to risk monsters coming out of their home to jack your stuff. You would have no police protection either, so another player could come by and take your stuff unless you have taken some measures to prevent that.

Maybe you could be a blacksmith or alchemist, spending your days trying to perfect the perfect potion, or make a helmet with some rare metal that you bought from a traveling merchant. Not just the same helmet that everyone else has in their UI, something unique that took actual skill to make.

What about being part of the city guard? In a MMO elder scrolls game, I would imagine the guards would be plenty busy with people stealing and killing all over the place in towns. You could join the guard and work your way up the ranks.

I'm not an elder scrolls expert, or an expert on this game, but I imagine you can not do any of this stuff above. Elder Scrolls could be an awesome setting for a persistent universe, but instead it looks like we get WoW with Skyrim graphics. I expect this to bomb, but hopefully a true Elder Scrolls MMO can be built in the future.
They've been butchering lore to fit cliched genre conventions since Oblivion, so eh.
The lore in Skyrim was actually pretty good. Even though the plot was generic at face value, the lore itself held up well from Morrowind to this one. Oblivion is the biggest problem in the series and helped do a lot of damage.
There's one in Skyrim also.
There's 3 in skyrim,.

But if you try to read them improperly, you're blinded for a certain amount of in game time.

In the quest required to read one of the scrolls, the guy who actually ends up reading it is blinded, seemingly for life (but somehow still welds a two handed katana).

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"Praise Sithis!"
Oh fuck off no one would ever say his name aloud in praise in public and Argonians worship the Hist so he must be Dark Brotherhood which makes it even more stupid.
Also Argonians are immune/resistant to poisons