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This November Europe gets White and Silver! PS3s


November 4.

Limited Edition. 320GB. 2 controllers. €299.

Only at select chains:

Classic White

(AU) EBgames
(BE) GameMania
(CH) GameStop
(DE) GameStop
(DK) GameStop
(ES) GameStop
(IE) GameStop
(IT) GameStop
(FR) Micromania
(NL) Bart Smit & E-Plaza
(NO) GameStop
(SE) GameStop
(UK) GameStop

Belgium & The Netherlands get a Silver one as well:


(BE) MediaMarkt & Saturn
(NL) MediaMarkt & Saturn

source: Sony & various shops


Tomodachi wa Mahou
Wow those are really nice. I don't really like the look of the slim at all in general, but these colors look a lot nicer than the default black slim. Really digging the silver.

Would be nice if America saw these. Chances are we won't :(


Silver is pretty much vintage, definetely going to get that one whenever I will need a replacement for the 60gb model.


Retailer-exclusive consoles, wow.

I would like having a white ps3 since it fits with my bench, but the price is just too steep to warrant a purchase.
prowler_ said:
We have Gamestops in the UK?
We had two stores. They both shut a few months ago and we got the website instead.

But yeah the website has a bigger presence than the stores did hence Gamestop can go for World and continent exclusives like these PS3s. Shame they won't make these one of thier loss leaders...


how limited? i wanna get the white one in like april or march, o do i have to be quick and is it a one time thing only?


ugh... personally, I think Silver fits Sony consoles perfectly. Its the color I really want but only Black slims were available when I bought my PS3... *sigh*


Maturity, bitches.
Well I wanted a white classic PS3 and that never came so I guess I'll go for this.

Only problem is the lack of a HD TV (well we have a small one in the kitchen but I don't count that).


The Silver is just paint, right? It's not the actual ingrained color of the plastic, ala the platinum GameCube?
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