This week's Nintendo conference summary - Score: 10/10

Since the official thread got so huge and people where requesting a summary I thought I'd start this thread with just about every info we got (I hope!).
Enjoy, since this is the day we celebrate! Nintendo delivered! Big! Woooh!

DS Demo Channel (Everybody's Nintendo Channel) announced

- Nintendo announced that a DS download service is coming that will allow gamers to download DS demo's from your Wii and send them to your DS.
- It also lets users download and view video's for (upcoming) games.
- You can also vote/rate games you own online and search on games recommendations that suits your criteria

More in-depth info from mutsu:

You first identify yourself (age, gender, etc), then you go ahead and recommend a game that you have played. You can choose who to recommend to (anyone or people who plays games often), what kind of game it is (is it a casual game or requires dedication), suitable for how many people (single or multi player).

People can then basically search for a game, and view the people's comments/recommendations on all Wii games available, to determine if the game is suitable for them or not.

Video (youtube)

* Will launch in Japan in november! *

Fire Emblem DS announced

Apparently a remake of the very first Japan only NES Fire Emblem.

Online co-op in Super Smash Bros. Brawl confirmed

This doesn't need explenation, I would guess it's about the offline Adventure Mode you can go through with a friend in co-op but instead you can do it online. IGN confirmed it in their blogupdates on the even. "The game will include online fights. In addition, it will have online cooperative play of some form."

Sonic in Super Smash Bros. Brawl confirmed

New trailer showed, plus a additional Sonic trailer on the Dojo site on which you can see his moves, hear ingame Sonic music from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and see the start of his Final Smash (Super Sonic!).

"Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Finish the fight!" ;)

Both new trailers and character profile including more screens is located here.

WiiWare blowout

WiiWare uncovered, 10 new games announced, releasedate in Japan and pricing off 1 high profile WiiWare titel.

Iwata Claims Over 100 Wii Ware Proposals Iwata: "We've already received proposals for over 100 titles from software development companies."

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land
Developer: Square-Enix

Square Enix brings a 2nd Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles exclusive to WiiWare. New genre, new name/logo, new devteam.
In FF CC:The Young King and the Promised Land you play as a young king that has to rebuild his country after it was destroyed in the previous Crystal Chronicle game.

(click on the thumbnails for original size)

[ 5 ][ 6 ]

Pricing: Only 1500 WiiPoints ($15) to download in Japan. Looks like a full blown game (simulation RPG) with great graphics (for Wii).

Official trailer Looks awesome, 1 minute actual gameplay

Pokémon Farm Channel
Developer: Ambrella
Publisher: Nintendo

In Pokémon Farm you can import your Pokémon from Diamond & Pearl and transfirm them to this Wii Ware titel so that you can put them on your Pokemon-farm. On this farm you can raise your Pokemon and take care of them.

[ Video ]

Dr. Mario & Bacteria Extermination (online)
Developer: Nintendo

Dr. Mario & Bacteria Extermination is a remake of the classic Dr. Mario puzzler. You can make your Mii appear in place of the Mario characters, and can challenge friends over Wi-Fi. The game includes the Saikin Bokumetsu game from the Japanese Brain Age 2, which can now be play cooperatively with four players.

[ Screens here ]

Star Soldier R
Developer: Hudson

Star Soldier R is the sequal off Star Soldier. A 3D verticale shooter filled with action, in which you have to destroy your enemies.

Developer: Hudson

Hudson also comes with Bomberman to Wii Ware (surprise!). Same goal as ever, destroy your enemies.

"Marble game"
Developer: Mindware
Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Mitchell
Publisher: Nintendo

Joy Sound
Developer: Hudson

Joy Sound is a karaoke game and additional to the retail version, Joy Sound also comes to WiiWare. If you have a microphone (don't know if this is neccesarry), then you can download the game. You can download additional songs.

Developer: Bandai Namco

Mojipittan is a puzzelgame that is very populair in Japan on the DS and PSP.

[ Screens here ]

More screenshots off these WiiWare games can be found here.

Ping Pong Wii
Developer: Arc System Works

This is a Ping Pong title that uses the Wiimote for direct controls of your in-game counterpart's paddle. Based on how you swing, you can achieve top spin, back spin, smashes and other shots. The game lets you chose between automatic movement and manual movement. When set to automatic, all you have to do is time your shots and swing. Those who want the full ping pong experience will want to go with manual mode. Modes of play will include a challenge mode, where you earn items by playing five mini games, and a four player doubles mode, where the screen splits to make sure everyone has a similar view of the action.

Already known WiiWare games:

Developer: Medaverse Studios

Plattchen - Twist 'n Paint
Developer: Bplus

Title TBA
Developer: System 3

Title 2 TBA
Developer: System 3

Title TBA
Developer: Pronto Games

Title TBA
Developer: GarageGamess

Title TBA
Developer: Shin'en (creator of Nanostray)

Multiple projects
Developer: Alten8

At the very least 19+ WiiWare titles and counting (we already know Nintendo for one is doing a lot more than the above, I mean.. come on. Not to mention that 3 of the 4 are 2nd party).
As far as I know, each and every one of these titles is geared toward the launch of WiiWare that is coming to Japan in march 2008.
Link to footage from conference

Monster Hunter 3 Wii announced

Monster Hunter is one of the more populair Sony franchises in Japan right now and was previously Sony exclusive. Monster Hunter 3 was announced exclusively 2 YEARS ago for the PS3, untill today. The PS3 version is removed from the officia site off Capcom (which probably means that it's cancelled altogether). On this moment Monster Hunter 3 is exclusive for Wii.

(Monster Hunter 3 Wii)

Mario Baseball Stadium (Wii) announced

Sequal from the gamecube game is announced for Wii, again by Namco Bandai.

[ More here ]

Mario Kart Wii info (12 players online confirmed!)

Trailer (youtube, look above for higher quality link from conference)

Motorbikes in Mario Kart. Stunts indeed in the game. Spring 08 in Japan. Wii Wheel standard bundled with it for free. 12 players online confirmed by Iwata!
Match-making process streamlined for quicker connections (no specific details on what was done).

[ More screens here ] (also DS retro tracks in 3d) - bad quality screens though but better than nothing

Batallion Wars II screens

[ More screens ]

Wii Music media and info

Seems more indepth, with apparently also different themes.

- Control music by using Wiimote and Nunchuck in correct time (button presses included)
- 6 person band
- 40 instruments
- 4-player support (single player controls 4 musicians or 1 while the CPU does the rest)
- 2008 in Japan

Wii Music footage (Super Mario Bros. Theme song played)

Smash Bros. Brawl media (not on the dojo)

[ More here ]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games update

Sega has announced Mii integration in the upcoming Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, allowing you to use your Mii to compete against gaming legends. Along with the Mii integration, Sega has also confirmed four Dream events to be included in the game on top of the extensive lineup of real Olympic events. These take place in colorful, game-inspired stages laced with power-ups and special moves, appeasing the Mario and Sonic purists out there. There's a Dream Race on the Sandhill Race Course, Dream Platform Diving which sounds a bit like Pilot Wings skydiving, Dream Fencing on jungle beach, and Dream Table Tennis in a 'sci-fi wonderland'.

Dream Events footage
DS screens

Disaster: Day of Crisis

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles They Crystal Bearers (old??)

Omg, floodgates of screens! There are just to many of them!

We Love Golf
Zack and Wiki
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
Soul Caliber Legends
Dance Dance Revolution
Chocobo Mysterious Dungeon
Ghost Squad
Sonic Riders
Rayman Raving Rabbits 2
No More Heroes
King Story
Japanse game van makers Odin Sphere
Tales of Symphonia 2
And. much. moooaar..!
Card Hero DS announced (Nintendo)

Card Hero is Yoshio Sakamoto's baby and Nintendo. Probably the same team that did Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Nintendo / Intelligent Systems) is co-developing this.
Eternal Chronicle DS announced

Developed by PAON, published by Nintendo.

Kirby Ultra Super Delux announced

Possibly remake of Kirby Super Star!

Advance Wars 2

[ More screens here ]

Soma Bringer (DS) announced

Developer: MonolithSoft (Disaster: Day of Crisis, Baiten Kaitos etc).
Publisher: Nintendo

Steel Princess (from Marvelous Interactive) for DS announced

- 2008 release
- action RPG
- developed by Climax
- play as Anice the Pirate
- steal treasure
- sword, whip
- a lot of items[/quote]

Harvest Moon: Shining Sun and Friends (DS) announced

- Marvelous Interfactive
- Winter release in Japan
- Five islands
- Island from last game is in this title
- Trade items over wifi
- Mark and Chelsea return
- Takes place on Sunflower Islands
- Wild animals help you along the way
- Find stones to unlock new islands
- Voice chat via WFC

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword screens

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 screens

Rune Factory 2 (DS) screens

Screenshots overload:

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Final Fantasy IV
Dragon Quest IX
Dragon Quest IV
Point & Click Adventure van Tecmo
Tales of Innocence
Level 5 footbal rpg
Professor Layton and the Devil’s Box
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
Mario Party DS

Much more here
Nintendo DS Japanese first party line-up updated

Fire Emblem DS
Card Hero
Soma Bringer
DS Novel Collection
Nintendo Crossword
Eternal Chronicle
Advance Wars 2
Mario Party DS

Super Mario of Awesome and Win


Oboro Muramasa Youtouden (new game from Vanillaware, the makers of Odin Sphere, Princess Crown and GrimGrimoire).

King Story

No More Heroes

Super Mario Galaxy footage

Monster Hunter 3 trailer

Endless Ocean / Forever Blue footage

Tales of Symphonia: Knights of Ratatosk trailer


New release dates (Japan):

22 nov. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
1 dec. Wii Fit (8,800 yen - $75)
24 jan. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (delayed although the previously release date was temporarely)
Spring Mario Kart Wii

(Sony am fucked? Super Mario Galaxy on 1 nov.)

- Nintendo plans to start a service center to help people set up the internet at their home, in order to aid them in getting online with the Wii.
- Check Mii Out Channel (November for Japan), Everybody’s Nintendo Channel (DS demo channel), Pokemon Farm is a channel as well.
- Small Wii Firmware update - full USB Keyboard support for Internet Channel, send links to friends directly from Internet Channel, opens links from message board, copy past text, better typing support (hold b for Shift etc)
- Nintendo Japan today also announced that they will have cooperation with NTT Japan to expand their network infrastructure around all country.
- Wii Fit makes it's own channel? (image directly linked to NoJ site)
- Check Mii Out Channel, launches november in Japan. Video
- WiiWare official site on Nintendo of Japan site:
- Every sale chart on the conference (aka how Nintendo owns Japan)
- 7.8 Million Virtual Console downloads Sales graph of Virtual Console downloads * Thanks to Cheesemeister for the graph
- Nintendo updated the Japanese Wii Virtual Console site with tons of videos for Virtual Console releases.


And... I'm done!
Amir0x said:
Oh, missed the Star Soldier R announcement for WiiWare.

Now there's an actual good piece of news to hold onto :D
What was the bad news, aside from the worthless PS3 exclusive becoming a worthless Wii exclusive?
Dear Neomoto,

Your Avatar makes this thread a 11/10. :D

Crap, I ruined the joke, didn't I?

Oh well, thank you for this huge cavalcade of conference coverage. I shall peruse it at once. :)
Thanks for this thread...too many threads about this on the forums right now, especially between this and Orange Box.

Anywho, Nintendo has utterly dominated today imo, seriously.


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Eteric Rice said:
Did Galaxy get another graphical upgrade? I see no jaggies.
There are a few jaggies, but it does indeed look smoother.

To think people thought nothing would come of this conference.
When does SMG come out in the US?

My roommate is moving out this weekend and he's the one that has the Wii :mad:. Guess I have to go find my own now.


never heard about the cat, apparently
yayaba said:
When does SMG come out in the US?

My roommate is moving out this weekend and he's the one that has the Wii :mad:. Guess I have to go find my own now.
November 14th? I know it is right before thanksgiving.


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I would give it a 8/10: where are the new Nintendo concepts? Still no sign of Wave Rave? FZero? Mario Kart and Smash Bros delay? No date for Wii Music?

On the bright side, it seems the gameplay associated to Sonic moves may bring me into the Smash Bros franchise for the first time. MH3 on Wii is a good sign of good 3rd party support to come in 2008. Wiiware seems more ambitious than I thought. Keyboard support for the Internet Browser is nice. Synergy with the DS is finally announced, it should have been there from day 1.

Hopefully Nintendo will announce more games before E3...
By the way... It's not just a DS Demo Channel... It's called Everybody's Nintendo Channel, where you can also view movies of past/upcoming Wii games. Calling it DS Demo Channel is a mistake. Please update your OP.
Windu said:
November 14th? I know it is right before thanksgiving.
November 12th
AniHawk said:
Reminds me of the toy Mario level in Super Mario Land 2. Oh sweet sweet nostalgia.
Oh god yes! What would be really neat if that toy planet thing actually moves. I just realized right now how cool a level would eb if you are on somewhat small and fast moving meteors or something and you have to jump across each when their gravities come connected.
ShockingAlberto said: mean the pixel art of Mario?
No, look below, you can't make it out but it's big and green and looks like Yoshis head.
There's lots of good looking stuff up there. Thanks for the summary.

Soma Bringer looks interesting. Disaster's looking like crap, but I still can't wait to play it. Really excited about WiiWare, Final Fantasy looks great, and SRPG I believe?

Fire Emblem and Advance Wars alone woulda been enough for me.
It definitely wasn't a 10/10 conference. I'd give it a 9/10 on the DS side but only a 7.5/10 on the Wii side. That still comes out to 8.25 overall which isn't bad.


never heard about the cat, apparently
marc^o^ said:
I would give it a 8/10: where are the new Nintendo concepts? Still no sign of Wave Rave? FZero? Mario Kart and Smash Bros delay? No date for Wii Music?

On the bright side, it seems the gameplay associated to Sonic moves may bring me into the Smash Bros franchise for the first time. MH3 on Wii is a good sign of good 3rd party support to come in 2008. Wiiware seems more ambitious than I thought. Keyboard support for the Internet Browser is nice. Synergy with the DS is finally announced, it should have been there from day 1.

Hopefully Nintendo will announce more games before E3...
Mario Kart is not delayed at least to my Knowledge.
Today is indeed a glorious day! Wii Ware>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PSN + XBLA

BTW has anybody translated what is written on the Download Channel? Looks like there`s a lot more going on than just DS demos and Wii Trailers!