Thoughts on Titanfall 2?

My personal 2016 GOTY and one of the best first person shooters ever made. Truly unique and inventive campaign and a super fun experience. Other than Overwatch, the last time I put as much time into a competitive multiplayer game as I did with Titanfall 2 was probably the first two Modern Warfares. $20 is a total steal.
The singleplayer campaign is incredible. And I actually had fun with the multiplayer. That's nothing to scoff at, since I absolutely loathe multiplayer modes in games.
The level design in the multiplayer isn't quite as good as the first game, but it's still one of the best FPS this generation.

Worth full price, definitely a steal at $20.
I like everything about it, movement and aiming feels perfect. It's the only FPS on console that I'm pretty good at, unlike Battlefield which feels like you're moving underwater.

I dropped it pretty quickly because there wasn't much progression for your character, getting a leopard skin or a slightly different color once in a while didn't do it for me.
I liked the single player quite a bit, but every multiplayer match I played was a complete stomp and the skill curve is ridiculous. If you aren't used to the COD style quick-kill combat then you'll struggle to keep up.
Its a very good shooter package.

SP campaign is great, although I wouldn't call it the best one ever imo.

MP builds on the already fantastic foundation of the first game and manages to be even better as a result.

Respawn has been doing a good job supporting post launch as well.
Definitely worth it for $20. A pretty damn good first person shooter story mode and a good multiplayer. Gameplay is strong in the SP, story is pretty campy sci-fi silliness, but it works when you're piloting big robots.

It's what Titanfall 1 should have been to be honest. I think if TF2 was TF1 then TF1 would have been a huge franchise.
it's a competently made FPS. I've only beaten the first two levels and it's alright so far.

MP is good if you're sick of slower paced shooters and prefer hectic fast paced chaos. I play a few games every now and then and feel like I've had my fill. It feels like a mechanically sound Black Ops III.