THQ: Turtle Rock's FPS is "wayyy" off, has a campaign, probably called Wild

Well, chances are good this will never see the light of day, but in the meantime, here's some news about it.

Ripten said:
This just caught our eye on Twitter:

*see below*

Jeremy Greiner works for THQ and, according to his Twitter profile, he’s working on Darksiders II and “games I can’t talk about.” Last June, THQ Executive VP of Core Games Danny Bilson confirmed that Turtle Rock was working on a new first person shooter entitled Wild. We haven’t heard much since except that the game is supposedly being built on CryEngine 3.

We’re reaching out to THQ for some further clarification on whether this tweet does, in fact, mean that Wild is moving forward.



Will Eat Your Children
This'll crash and burn a few times, get a kickstarter going and then find another publisher before it releases


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
I'm pretty they parted on perfectly fine terms. They wanted to go back to working on their own projects and Valve gave them their blessing.
Pretty much:

Lombardi said:
"Turtle Rock was just Mike at the beginning, and after he refused to move to Seattle, we said [to] start hiring people and build prototypes for what became Left 4 Dead, which was called Terror at the time," Lombardi recalled. "Finally, we said, you guys are a bunch of contractors working under Turtle Rock Studios; why don't we just call you Valve South?"

But after the game was complete, the traditional Valve practice of team members moving around to different projects was more difficult in the context of a remote location.

"Kim Swift, who was on Portal, really liked Left 4 Dead and wanted to work on Left 4 Dead 2, so we said, okay, work on Left 4 Dead 2," he said. "With the remote office, we wanted to give them that freedom, but it ended up closing down that space."

After several members of the Valve South team -- which Lombardi described as only ever numbering "nine or 11 in total" -- moved up to Bellevue, the remaining staff were not enough to justify a fully-fledged studio.

At that scale, "the idea of having an office with a receptionist and all of that kind of goes out the window," Lombardi said. As far as Booth and his current team, "that group of people looks like the original Turtle Rock again, and I think they may even prefer to call themselves that," he added.
Some stayed, some left. No bad blood.
I don't think creators of quality IP like Left4Dead have anything to worry about. If THQ tanks someone will pick it up just on their heritage.

Unless it turns out to be like Free Radical's Haze.
THQ has done a lot of right this gen. Many great games + not too bad with the anti-consumerism that's been rampant + solid PC support. I find these jokes about their predicted demise hurtful :-/ We should be in tears, not drinking beers.
Slight update: In the AMA with Brian Fargo and Chris Avellone about Wasteland 2 today, a question was asked about Jason Anderson's involvement since he is no longer with inXile. He is currently at Turtle Rock Studios, and this is what Fargo had to say:

"We are using a LOT of material from Jason. He was here for a year generating storylines, characters, and filling out the tone of the Wasteland 2 world. Unfortunately he is on a project for THQ and I'm sure knee deep in design of that. Hopefully I will get to work again with him soon."

Sounds like he's working on this game.