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THQN buys another indie studio (Tarsier, currently working on Little Nightmares 2)


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Mar 21, 2013
THQN flexing again, acquiring quite a portfolio. The Little Nightmares IP remains with Bandai Namco however.

Tarsier Studios was founded in Sweden in 2004, and has since become one of the largest independent studios in the country with over 65 employees. The developer rose to greater prominence after releasing the Tim Burton-esque horror title Little Nightmares.

Lars Wingefors said:
“We at Embracer are impressed with the position and the team that Tarsier has built up during 15 years, which is evident looking at the fantastic reviews that several of the studio’s famous productions have received, and with the future ambitions of the Studio. Together with Tarsier, we want to invest in developing new projects, in the same manner they have done successfully in the past. We look forward to, together with management and all of Tarsier’s employees, embrace the quality and creativity the Studio has, and take the Studio to the next level.”

Andreas Johnsson said:
“It feels exciting to, after a 15-year long journey with Tarsier, partner up with Embracer to continue develop the potential that our Studio has. We look forward to the opportunity to continue making exceptionally great games together with Embracer Group.”

The buyout of the former indie developer includes all current employees, the studio itself, and its intellectual property rights. Embracer actually revealed the sum total of the sale, which was roughly $9.3 million in cash as well as $1.2 million in shares. The press release also states the purchase involves "a conditional earn-out, payable over 10 years to certain sellers who will remain with Tarsier."

Earlier this year
  • THQ Nordic acquired Kingdom Come: Deliverance developer Warhorse Studios.
  • It also picked up the long-dormant TimeSplitters IP in a deal with Crytek,
  • It also picked up Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning from the beleaguered 38 Studios.
  • THQ Nordic released a playable teaser for a new Gothic, asking if fans wanted to see the series return.

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Jan 8, 2016
Did they make rag doll king fu on PS3? That game was tightttt


Oct 24, 2017
At this point I want MS and Sony to buy as many studios as they can before they fall into the hands of THQ or other front-ends for Tencent or Netease.
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Dec 1, 2014
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