THQ's bankruptcy sale details: Auction on January 22nd, Will Allow Piecemeal Purchase

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Having no debt in the business world is generally not considered 'good' since now shareholders will be more anxious about wanted dividends. They will assume the company is not investing to increase its size, scope ect. so they want a return.

Obviously you need to have controlled debt, but not having any debt can be a red flag to investors that are looking for growth generation and not just a safe dividend return.
With my very limited knowledge on this subject, that's what I've heard: some dept could be good. Maybe they're just that good. lol


I think Sega is probably about as good as it gets for Relic, if indeed they end up there. Sega seems to have done right by Creative Assembly and both of those teams under Sega would give Sega a lot of nice strategy franchises plus Warhammer. Very nice.
They're also investing really heavily in Creative Assembly, so they're doing even better by them than it may look on the surface.
They certainly make more fun RTS, although CoH is still unbalanced 6 years later, and each expansion breaks the balance again in new and exciting ways.
yes yes, i have been informed by a very hardcore player that they did fix it some what. I stop having fun with the last expansion. I thought Panzer Elite were super fun and balance due to there HUGE disadvantages while the british can eat a bag a dicks.

Americans vs Wehr will always be the most fun match up they had the game almost perfectly balanced till they broke it with the expansion.

Did they ever fix the 1% bug?
I'm sorry if I missed this, but what is going to happen to the new South Park game?
My prediction is that it's safe. The bombcast crew did a little digging and found that THQ was only the publisher. Obsidian was fully funded by another party to make the game.

Metro should be safe too. Someone is bound to pick it up for retail. The 4A guy can always self-publish on Steam.
My prediction is that it's safe. The bombcast crew did a little digging and found that THQ was only the publisher. Obsidian was fully funded by another party to make the game.
This isn't true. Viacom was funding it until late 2011, then THQ picked it up and has been funding the game since.

Of course, I imagine the game will be fine even if THQ does lose it, since it's almost done and it still has the backing of South Park Digital Studios. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been involved from the beginning, and they have a lot of money. They're not going to let it die.


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It's always weird when people forget the dinosaur in the room when it concerns Sega's acquisition of Sports Interactive. Football Manager is a golden goose.

But it will be crazy to consider the fact that Sega might have two developers making excellent games that concern both Warhammer universes. Finally.

No, THQ bought the rights of Homeworld years ago. The IP is probably up for grab in this auction (Sega, grab it! keep the hope alive!).
Oh dear, do not give me hope.
dunno if it's relevant now, but this is from a Relic employee.

he says they will know tomorrow.
Yeah those four sound like a pretty straight forward bidding group for Relic.

EA and Sega for all the reasons covered, Ubisoft due to their strategy department and interested in just about all of THQ's properties, and Warner because of diversification and again being a favored bidder for trying to buy everything.
Panther battlegroups too cheap

Axis steamroller game design fundamentally frustrating

Forward observation officers is OP

Fucking allied inf blobs man
panther battlegroups are terrible and if you let the enemy float 1000mp you deserve to lose

axis needs to be a steamroller because allies are so ruthlessly overpowered early game (particularly brits, who can shit out what amounts to a t2 vehicle at t0)

i dont even know what a forward observation officer is. wehr lieutenant? brit lieutenant? brit captain? none of these things are particularly op, with the exception of the fire up ability brit lieuts get

allied infantry blobs do suck, but there are plenty of ways to deal with them (now more than ever)
I don't know why Ubisoft would be interested. Massive haven't done any games of their own since getting purchased, only helping with AC and Far Cry 3.
Remember its bidding. Some of those companies will bid knowing they can keep the studio going and turn profit. Doesn't mean they've bid any more than their basic worth.
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