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Thread of Wii U Gameplay Ideas

Jul 15, 2004
Just posted this one in another thread:

- Metal Gear Online, with team-mate codec discussions using the front-facing camera. You could pick which team mate to talk to from a map, or talk to the whole team. It'd be cool if they overlayed that green halftone pattern over your face to make it look like the old school MGS1 codecs as well.


Aug 20, 2009
I posted this at the Panorama View thread - guess it fits here as well.

The fact that you could continue to steer your sub/plane/tank/whatever with the analog sticks, even while "looking around" with the Upad, makes it even more amazing.

Feb 5, 2009
I don't understand the concept. Cross platform play? But what are the WiiRemote or Upad apporting?

The best use for the Upad would be customizing and edting items, fits the game perfectly and doesnt rely on an overcomplex ginmick..


Oct 19, 2009
I don't understand the concept. Cross platform play? But what are the WiiRemote or Upad apporting?

The best use for the Upad would be customizing and edting items, fits the game perfectly and doesnt rely on an overcomplex ginmick..

Local multiplayer.

One player on the tv with wiimote and nunchuck

The other player on the pad.

And a third player can visit the city using the 3ds (yes, cross plataform)


Apr 26, 2012
Get the D&D license. Put everything in the latest books into the game. Player with screen controller is the Dungeon Master - he can use pre-made campaigns/scenarios, create his own using a powerful editor, or browse/trade for ones online. Dungeon master uses the console to crunch all numbers, etc., while he controls action and tells story. Players have ability to do everything described in books, plus the DM has the ability to modify all numbers on the fly so that anything players can imagine on the fly is also possible. Players use remotes to input actions. Remote shows turn based combat unfold, or travelling around, or making a fire, or whatever.

Also make it fully moddable, so that the base fantasy game stocked with fantasy monsters from the lastest monster manual can be turned into a space sci-fi game, a 19th century western, or whatever.

Print money.

Also, for a baseball game, have the screen display scouting reports on pitchers/batters, as well as any other relevant stats. Of course the usefulness of this scouting report would depend on how good your scouting team is, etc.
I think this is an awesome idea. If I had to add my two cents, I would prefer a PC client for the mod stuff. You can have a much more robust tool, in my opinion, if you have the freedom of using a PC to create it instead of trying to create something on the console itself. I could be proven wrong. Though it is my belief, following this line of thought, that it would be much more fluid to use a (free?) PC client to create all the content, upload it to their servers (sharing is good right?) and then be able to download it, perhaps with a password, into your hard drive/game.

Some other cool ideas for asymmetric gameplay are:

I would like to see a TD game on the console. Anyone ever play Wintermaul TD? Same concept, except that three or four players are on controllers split screen playing their heroes in their respective lanes as a hack and slash character, perhaps not unlike GoW or Darksiders. This gives each player an opportunity to potentially overcome waves through skill instead of all items/towers. The GamePad player can issue drops and towers to support the other players.

With that in mind...

I'd love to see an RPG that incorporated the asymmetrical gameplay in a meaningful way.
Perhaps you have 1-4 players in your party. Each player with a pro controller (I refuse to acknowledge the wii remote) can choose to be warrior, thief, mage, whatever. ONLY the GamePad user can choose to be a healer, although the other class options are open as well. Also: whoever uses the gamepad also manages everyone's inventory, with the exception of one item/stack. Let's put it into perspective here. You're wearing a suit of plate armor or robes, where are you going to store ALL of those potions and extra sword and shields and so on and so forth? In fact, I don't ever see any game heroes carrying large bags or any such things. The gamepad user can quickly and easily heal the other players with the touch screen, dispense items and equipment as necessary (this also breeds interactivity. Any kind of gameplay-related dialogue between players fosters cooperation and meaningful experiences.)