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Event Review Retro Tim Rogers / Action Button Nearly 6 Hour Review of Tokimeki Memorial


Dec 17, 2018
If it takes 6 hours to get the point across in a review I'm not playing the game.
Fuck... that....


Jun 27, 2013
Winston Salem, NC
Tokimemo 1 & 2 are pretty good strategy visual novel simulation anime girl dating games. I actually played through Tokimemo 2 while in college taking Japanese 102. I used a terrible PS1 screen capture card to grab screens and use them to practice translating common Japanese conversations. The games play so much fan service to every video game, and pop culture references. I wrote a mini-FAQ to the 2nd game's childhood section back in the day. There's really not anything else like them. That said I'm sad they remained Japan only games. I think they would have been successful enough to influence other western games. Maybe if that influnce had taken place, the dating elements and writing in western games wouldn't be clumsier than a sex scene in a GRRM novel.