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Tim Sweeney on the Tech Demo: "Nanite and Lumen tech powering it will be fully supported on both PS5 and Xbox Series X and will be awesome on both."


Jun 16, 2018
Hold up ps5 is now 3080ti?lmao. Nvidia is going bankrupt this year because its upcoming top performer is getting owned by an AMD APU.
Probably not. But it is a possibility given the vast majority of high end laptops are 1080p, and that looked like a thick notebook. Thick notebook usually means one of two things it is mobile gpu non maxq gpu possibly even 2080 or 2080 super, or it is a cheap gaming notebook. If say it was a 2080 super running it at 1080p 40fps, that would imply ps5 possibly surpasses 3080ti when not using ray tracing.
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Aug 5, 2007
PS4 had 50% more CUs than xb1, but they were only running 7% slower than xb1. Even so the PS4 didn’t blow xb1 out of the water.
It depends what you mean by blow out of the water. The PS4 had 40% more teraflops and was running games with 44% more pixels.

In DF's limited testing they found RDNA 1 scaled better by increasing CUs than by increasing clockspeed, everything else being equal. Obviously RDNA 2 is a different architecture, but I think it is conceivable that XSX's (smaller) theoretical performance advantage will be reflected in a corresponding resolution difference.
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