Time To Get Unreasonably Excited - Ubisoft Teasing Prince Of Persia News On FB

So unless it's 2d price of persia it'll probably end up like a reskinned assassin's creed. Why should I get excited for this?

Proper PoP 2008 sequel.

You know it's the right thing to do.
I think they should reboot that timeline and give it a proper world with actual things to do no sequel. Fresh start for a new generation like the mirror's edge reboot.


Should probably not trust the 7-11 security cameras quite so much
I'm not even going to bother getting excited. I don't know what this franchise is anymore.

I hope it's a PoP2008 sequel but it's probably going to be another stupid 'gritty' reboot.
I will chew my toes off and mail them to Yves if this ends up being an iOS/portable game.

You have been warned, Ubisoft. This, Rainbow Six and (a proper) Ghost Recon are the only things from you that I want. Do not fail me or the mailman will come.