Tintnfall - 16 maaps fo laucnh, bxone alph a textures ARE fin@l assets

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I'm not used to multiplayer-only games. Are 16 maps a lot for a full-priced release?

And what's alpha textures?
It's a hell of a lot of maps. I would expect a hell of a lot of MP maps since that's all they had to work on without an SP campaign to create.

I think he means the textures people saw in the leaked alpha/beta MP footage. Those are final assets and are as good looking as they're bound to get until PC launches.
They said they reduced the textures to 25% of normal but never said if the assets were final or not.
Ah okay, not as bad as I thought then.

16 maps is great number. Can't wait to try out the beta.

edit: I'm so confused about the alpha asset things... oh well. The game didn't look all that bad to me in terms of graphics so not a big loss for me.
The 16 maps is all there is to the game. Why are people impressed? Should they ship a MP only game with 6 maps?
Kept my expectations low :p
Its also because the recent multiplayer titles (i usually ignore the single player although not having one would equate for more content obviously) have released at about 12.

16 is a lot for me since i usually do ignore the single player anyway.
Well this wednesday has been one to remember WOTY! lol

And duelin' leakers. Dont stop now CBOAT! New kid on the block has a page full of em...*calmly awaits more truthfacts*
Boy am I glad there are 16 maps. That's like...unprecedented in this day and age...really quite generous considering we could have received 6 and been fed a shit poor excuse. Thanks Respawn!

Also , lol at the Xbone textures *hugs PC*
So 16 maps with a few more after the DLC rumoured to come out 45 days and another one 120 days after release date? So we're seeing a total of maybe 22-25 maps?
People are impressed because mp games usually ship less than 16 maps.
Or games that do ship with a lot of maps have them stretched out to fit different player types and can suffer from it when forced into anything else. I would have loved to have a 10 solid small maps instead of the split between btb and small.
So how would it look in comparison to the 360 or will it be that version be the same with half the framerate?

Anyway, the game looks next gen enough. If you want better textures then PC version is for you.
Glad I'm getting it on PC, but it would be monumentally embarrassing if those Alpha textures really are the same in the final build. Would look the same as the 360 version.
16 maps sounds like a lot, but the game is multiplayer only.

I wonder if it will end up like CS Source where 90% of the matches are played on one map (like Dust).
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