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Tiny a** subtitles in games - anyone else hate this?


For the non native english speakers out there... anyone else hate this?

Every single game have really tiny and distracting subtitles - barely readable, and without font size option. Compared to moviews dvds/blu-rays the font size is usually around 50% of those.

Don't know if this is much of a problem for native english speakers for obvious reasons.


What games do you mean, specifically?
I don't play on TV so i don't have that problem.
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I have to say, the fact you could adjust the subtitle sizes in Death Stranding is super welcoming. More games should add those options.

Punished Miku

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Yes. It's bullshit. A lot of devs make games that are only barely suitable for sitting at a desk 6 inches from a 40 inch monitor.
It's not just subtitles. A lot of smaller studios release games that have an UI heavy with text but in tiny font with no option to adjust the size. So you get lots of hard to make out (especially from a TV-to-couch distance) stats or text messages and text-only dialogue. I pretty much stopped buying these until they release some update to address this.


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Yeah. Now imagine having tinnitus and partially reading lips and not being an expert at english…
I can read well enough but listening to someone speak and having an accent is difficult. Readable subtiles is a must, otherwise they can just skip the story.


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Did you check in the settings OP?



Doesnt need recognition
Nah I'm good

But yeah. Eyesight is going downhill so yes. It's annoying
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I turn them on all the time as a native English speaker and yes there is definitely don't issues in some games.


Recently Vampire Swansong (excellent game otherwise, recommended for everyone that loves deep narratives in their games) is particularly at fault on this front. Subtitles are really really small, I don't know how it has been OKed by QA.
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