tips on how to reduce PC noise?


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Undervolt your CPU and GPU. Maybe even underclock a bit.
This will save some power, but also produce less heat, so fans can work at lower speeds.
You can also set a custom fan speed on you motherboard bios. And using MSI Afterburner, custom speeds for your GPU.
Also consider that having constant fan speeds makes it less distracting. Some modern motherboards and GPUs adjust fan speed constantly. The ramping up and down can be annoying.


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ryzen 5 5600x
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3 case fans, 2 140mm ones intake, 1 120mm exhaust

Stock coolers are generally noisier. If you are technically savvy, you could try going into the BIOS to control the fan speeds that way. Basically, tell the PC to turn them down when the computer is idle and only ramp them up when the PC is under load. If that's too hard, there's other sofware solutions like this:

Of course, this also all depends on if any of the fans are able to be controlled at all in the first place. I'm fairly certain your CPU and GPU fans can be. However, if your case fans are not PWM and hooked up to a PWM fan header on your motherboard, then they might not be able to be controlled.
Get good fans, make sure the thermal paste if good, etc.

AMD stock coolers are generally pretty good, so no worries there

But before you mess with all these things, make sure your bios has all fans in the correct mode (DC or PWM) and that the profile is set to silent (set a curve manually if you feel you know enough about these things).

None of the settings will work if you have DC fans and the BIOS has them set on PWM, they will just spin like there is no tomorrow (not sure what the opposite does).

Edit: some stupid motherboards force you to plug DC fans on different headers.
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I recently upgraded to a 3080 and my PC started making a lot of noise. It was my old PSU, which was almost silent when I had a 970. Upgraded to a newer one with the same wattage and the noise is gone.

I used Fan Control to figure out what made the noise. It might not work for all case fans. Definitely doesn't work for the PSU. Just fiddle with fan speeds until you find the one that's noisy. If it's your PSU, a demanding game will get it hot (I used Crysis Remastered) and your PC will scream like crazy with all other fans shut off.
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is it louder when its under load or just all the time?

if its always you need to setup the fan curves. if its only underload then your GPU or CPU fans are running hot and need more help with cooling.


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Maybe try getting a more silent cooler and fans, there's a lot of sound benchmarks online to help pick good ones. Or instead get a good AIO.

Agreed. Was just going to recommend a fanless cooler or "passive" CPU cooler.

I had to change every case fan in my cooler master scout, on top of getting a water cooler for my CPU to successful reduce noise.


my GPU is stronger than a 1080ti i'm pretty sure (it's a 6650xt) and my CPU is a 5th gen ryzen 5 5600x
they are both relatively mid-high end

You should think about using a program to change the fan curve, I got mine all stopped (except the cpu one) when the temp is under 45 degree, it means that it is almost silent while I'm not playing.


If its the fans that are making these noises you can carefully remove the stick on their center and apply few oil machine drops there and gently wipe it with a soft paper then put it back, it can reduce the noise.

If the noise is because of intense pressure on the machine then you simply need better hardware.


CPU stock coolers are a big no no. Replace that with a decent one. Afterwards you can adjust the temperature curve and make the case and CPU fans whisper quiet. If you cheaped out on the gpu (cooler) model you're ducked, though.

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Also one last thing that pops in my head is the bios fan setup. If your temps are fine, go with a silent profile. Benchmark and monitor temps. No need to be super cool, that’s a source of needless noise when these components are made to operate at high temps.

I think with all these advices, you should be fine.


Throw out those CPU/GPU fans and switch to liquid cooling. Swap out mechanical hard drives with M.2 SSD/2.5 SSDs.


My PC runs great on the majority of games, but it always sounds like a whirring jet engine... even with headphones on, i can still hear the blowing. I have 4 fans (3 are case fans, the 4th is my stock CPU cooler from ryzen) and the cable management is admittedly terrible... but besides those, my PC isn't out of the ordinary. What can i do to make it sound better? how do your builds sound?

be quiet! Dark Rock 4 Pro

Get one of these, should do the trick. Stock cooler often suck.


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Water cooling is the answer.

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I had the 5600x in a meshilicious SFFPC with a mere Noctua NH-L12s and it was SILENT. Without even pbo 2 editing as i didn't bother with that until i got the more power hungry 5800x3d (still same case, same cooler, -35 pbo2 on all cores and stable, silent..). I can't imagine how silent and cool it would be in a normal sized case with a CPU cooler that is beefier than the NH-L12s.

The gunking issues with AIO like the recall from arctic freezer, the pump noise, if it fails it goes to thrash while air coolers are easily maintained.. I don't recommend AIO. And...

64bitmodels 64bitmodels

Ryzen 5000 pbo2 tweaking

RDNA 2 undervolting

Fan curves in BIOS

Rip the AMD cooler out ASAP for something beefier.


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Get a nicely designed airflow case, put an AIO cooler on your CPU, and get a hybrid AIO water cooled GPU. Not as good as a custom loop but you get most of the benefit.
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Set all the case fans to a steady RPM and use the same model for all fans. Stacking fans of the same noise profile doesn't amplify the noise much. Don't use the zero idle fan setting on the GPU, that will just allow the GPU to increase the ambient temp in the case before it even starts trying to cool it, go with a 30 or 40% minimum on the GPU if that is still in the quiet range for your card.
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