Titanfall 2 Box Art & Collectors & Deluxe Edition's Leaked

Nov 18, 2013
Well I guess that leak on reddit or whatever about the box art was true.
Yeah, looks like it. There was a bunch of other info there too so it's probably all true:


I've been sitting on some Titanfall 2 information that was shared with me, and I've finally got the go ahead to post.

Titanfall 2 will release in October and the Mountain dew leak is indeed legitimate. They've added a ton of new pilot abilities including the addition of a grappling hook. My source said you can use it quite extensively, for getting into your Titan, aiding free-running, or tactical plays such as pulling enemies while they're midair. The pre-order bonus will be a handgun called the Violator. Multiplayer maps are bigger which I can assume they upped the player count to go along with them.

The left side of this will be the box art.
Stay tuned.
Oct 10, 2009
Surprised how unchanged the infantry design is aside from the jutting out breathing part

Titans can wallrun now?
Yeah, that specific piece of artwork isn't new

Ah, I love when carefully designed marketing material and promotional documents "leak". Ha ha, somebody's getting fired, am I right??
So where do you draw the distinction? Is it still fake when people receive DMCA notices?
Mar 9, 2014
Can't wait for this sunday EA's E3 conference, i really enjoyed the first one despite not being a great fan of online only FPS, though Titanfall is so fast, easy and fun to play, also now it'll have a story driven single player campaign...Unless they screw something big it's really a day one purchase for me
Sep 19, 2014
That's a whole lot of worthless plastic.

Sometimes these CEs are pretty cool to look at (but not buy), this isn't one of those times.

Also: delay this game. Wait till Feb where it will have some room to flourish. I loved the first one and would really like the sequel to have some longevity. Launching next to BF1 and COD seems like EA are allowing it to be cut off at the knees.
Apr 8, 2006
So now we have Standard and Uber editions of Collectors editions each with a different type of statue/cat helmet.

We've gone off the deep end. Ubisoft is gonna double down on this.