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Titanfall beta dates : 14 - 19 february [PC and Xbox One]

Titanfall beta dates : february 14 to 19. Micromania exclusive in France & Gamestop for the US.




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Wanted to try this out on both PC and Xbox One to help decide which version to get.

Now I will have to preorder the One Version just to get in. (Though I can cancel later it is a hassle)

No word on PC version?


Hopefully i have my xbox by then... If i do, then ill need to decide whether to player the last of us DLC or this :/
Just when I thought my hate for Gamestop couldn't possibly grow any larger.

Sad thing is I'm actually contemplating cancelling my Amazon preorder just for beta access...

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Hopefully there is a beta for 360 so I can try it out without opening my bone. (I'm a fucking idiot for buying a system and not opening it)
wow so these cunts are gonna force me to go physical?

ass backwards industry

How are you being forced?

You could : Put $5 down on the game, play the beta and get your $5 back by canceling then go digital
Put $5 down on the game, play the beta and consider the $5 a beta rental fee then go digital
Wait 2 1/2 weeks and go digital.

Damn I hate when they force consumers into things!
cancel your gamestop preorder after you get your code.

Isn't it their policy to not let you cancel after you get any kind of preorder bonus though?

I never preorder through Gamestop so I'm not sure how much grief they'd give me for that. I guess the other option is to just put down the $5 and never go pick it up.

I'll just cross my fingers and hope that this ends up being a few days of early access to the beta or something.


5 days of beta is not a beta, it's a demo.

Yep. If my experience with the BF3 and BF4 "betas" have taught me anything, it is this. I would bet that the final product for Titanfall will be about 100% identical to what you'll see in this "beta."


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Fuck you MS for no PC beta.

EDIT- hmm doesn't say anything about what systems though. Day one buy if there is a PC beta.


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It's like Microsoft wants me to go all digital and then they keep doing things that make it harder to do so.
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