Titanfall Beta runs at native ’792p’ resolution on Xbox One, may increase with final

May 27, 2013
We recently caught up with Respawn at Titanfall events in both LA and London and had the opportunity to try out the beta.

When asked what the native resolution of Titanfall Beta is/will be on the Xbox One, Abbie Heppe, Community Manager at Respawn confirmed the Titanfall Beta runs at native ’792p’ resolution, an increase from the previously rumoured 720p.

Abbie went on to say that the resolution will increase as the team edge closer towards a final build of Titanfall, and could potentially be in the region of 900p native resolution once complete.

To clarify, whilst 792p is not a “standard” resolution as many would come to expect, the vast majority of games run at odd resolutions and are then upscaled. In this instance, 792p would be upscaled to 1080p depending on the output settings of the console.
via Titanfall Blog

I assume it's 1408x792 pixel precisely, as that would be true to the 16:9 aspect ratio.

On the topic of fps:
May 18, 2007
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Just posted this in the other threads. Thanks for creating a new thread. I think this is awesome news if true.

EDIT: A mod should edit the title with "possibly 900p" or something like that. 900p would be really great for XB1 for a 60fps game.
Sep 5, 2013
900p would definitely be nice. But if they can't get there at a stable 60fps, then I'd rather they wait till the sequel to try increasing the resolution.
Jul 6, 2013
That is a strangely specific number. Guess they're really trying to hit the absolute highest resolution they can while staying within their target performance profile.


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Oct 29, 2006
What an odd resolution. If they can get it up to 900p/60 that would be pretty great, BF4 on PS4 looks fine like that but I don't know if they have the time left for that.
Oct 27, 2006
WTF is 792p?

This has new meme written all over it. I have never heard of such a resolution. I assume this has a lot to do with why Respawn is helping Microsoft out with a scaler update. It needs it.